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Introduction – REDCIG Review

REDCIGs are a brand of electronic cigarette that offer a range of E-cig mini products, accessories, and flavours. They offer a semi-modern, yet traditional approach to E-cigs in the sense that their products are very realistic.

Most people, especially at first glance, will not be able to distinguish one of them from an analog cigarette, especially with the red LED tips that come standard on their minis.

REDCIG also has some great prices on starter kits, making them ideal for entry-level E-cig users who have not yet decided whether or not electronic cigarettes are really for them. They also excel where disposable E-cigs are concerned.

They definitely offer enough starter packs and flavours in disposable form to be competitive in this category, making them an ideal stopping-point for people interested in trying just one E-cig without the commitment of buying an entire starter pack.

In the end, choosing the right electronic cigarette can be a difficult. There are admittedly a lot of choices out there, and wading through them is not always easy. So what does REDCIG offer that other companies don’t? Why should customers consider using them and not someone else?

These are great questions, and in this review we are going to attempt to tackle them so that the average E-cig shopper can make the best and most informed decision possible regarding their next electronic cigarette purchase.


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Positives and Negatives

Here are some of the basic positives and negatives when it comes to the REDCIG brand.


  • Great value for the money
  • Realistic feel
  • Offer a decent number of flavours
  • Offer some well-assembled starting kits


  • Their prices are a bit higher than the prices of some of their competitors
  • They don’t offer as many flavours as some other brands
  • Offer only basic E-cig products. No E-go style products or APVs.


What Products/Accessories Can Be Purchased?

REDCIG offers a range of products, all of them centered around their super-realistic E-cig mini, which is the only style of E-cig that they currently offer.

redcig mini

Of course, it should also be mentioned that they are likely working on expanding their inventory… so they could begin carrying more styles at any point. On top of their E-cig mini, they also carry chargers and other accessories, as well as different e-liquid flavour refills.

They carry 9 different flavour refills, giving shoppers quite a few different options if they are looking for something beyond regular tobacco flavouring.

Package And Design

As far as packaging goes, this brand tends to be pretty basic and straightforward. Most of their starter packs come in card carrying cases that very closely resemble the cases made for analog cigarettes.

This will be appreciated by smokers who are looking for a realistic feel, though smokers who want something ‘new’ or ‘different’ might not quite find as many options as they would like.

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When it comes to design, REDCIGS offer a basic cigarette-style look… nothing too fancy or digital. Again, this will appeal to those looking for something realistic, though maybe not as much to those choosing to embrace E-cigs as a modern, trendy, standalone habit separate from cigarette smoking.

Battery Performance

From all indications, the battery life on REDCIG products is pretty good. Most online reviewers agree that they get about 9 out of 10 stars for the life of their batteries. Of course, they don’t last forever, and the more you use them the sooner they will die.

If you are worried about having your battery die when you are away from a charging source, then you could always just pick up an extra battery to bring along.

Vapour Production

Most reviewers agree that REDCIG products offer a quality level of vapour, and that the nicotine hit is comparable to that of a regular tobacco-filled cigarette.


REDCIG doesn’t offer quite as many flavours as some other brands. With that being said, however, they do have 9 great flavours that will appeal to a wide customer base. Their flavours are light tobacco, regular tobacco, menthol, cherry, apple, bold tobacco, coconut, coffee, and vanilla.

redcig flavours

It should also be mentioned that this company is constantly expanding their product base, so they may very well end up getting more flavours in the future. Still, with what they already have, there is no denying that they actually do boast a fairly impressive lineup. Some companies offer more, but some also offer less.

Nicotine Levels

The nicotine levels in REDCIG products range from light to heavy, depending upon which flavour you choose. The light tobacco flavour, for example, has less nicotine (6mg) than the regular tobacco flavour (11mg), etc. The nicotine in REDCIG products is actually NicoPure, which is a GMP standard source of nicotine and natural flavour.

About The Company

The REDCIG company is based in London, England. Though they are in a part of the city surrounded by pubs and bars, they state on their website that they actually prefer to spend the majority of their time working on new products indoors. They actually have a great reputation in the UK as a ‘Platinum Standard’ where E-cigs are concerned. They are also a very popular brand of E-cig in the UK, though they do offer international shipping and can ship to almost anywhere in the world.
REDCIG actually does a good job of offering support for their customers. They offer a toll-free number that anyone can call during normal business hours, as well as an email address where anyone can contact them via email.

By all indications, it seems that they care a lot about customer service. The fact that they have a service phone number reinforces the fact that they are an established and legitimate E-cig company, and most reviewers agree that they do a great job of interacting with and supporting their customers.

REDCIG will ship free to UK mainland addresses on orders over £40 in value. They also offer next day delivery to destinations within the UK mainland for £5.95. They will, however, ship to almost anywhere. They will even ship internationally, though prices for shipping to international locations are generally higher.
Having a good warranty is extremely important with E-cig products. Generally, the best companies in the market offer good money back guarantees and warranties, and REDCIG is definitely no exception. They offer a basic 1 year warranty, as well as a 30 day money back promise.


Value For The Money

So does REDCIG provide real, measurable value for the money? In the end, this is really the big question. Value can be measured in many ways. Do they offer the best starter kits for the money? Do they offer high quality accessories at a reasonable price? Do refills cost too much money to be worth it, or do they provide real, measurable savings when compared to the cost of an analog smoking habit?

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REDCIGs actually offer a lot of value for the money. Their starter kits are reasonably priced, they provide high quality accessories, and their refills are actually cheap enough that they will help anyone switching to E-cigs to save money.

Switching to these E-cigs from analog cigarettes saves an average of about 70%, which is actually a pretty significant amount of money. Since e-liquid refills are so much cheaper than analog cigarettes, those who switch to E-cigs receive the added benefit of lower costs related to their nicotine habit.

REDCIG maximizes this, however, by offering very good prices on their cartridges and e-liquid refills.


Running Costs

So how much is this product going to cost in the long run? This is a great question, especially when you consider the fact that E-cigs are not a one-time purchase. As with regular cigarettes, E-cigs require additional purchases after acquiring the initial components, but they cost far less than analog cigarettes do in the long run.

The two basic long-term costs associated with E-cigs are batteries and refills. Batteries only need to be replenished when they have stopped working and can no longer be recharged (which usually takes months, if not years). Refills, which are basically taking the place of tobacco, need to be replenished as they are used. Refills, for example, can be bought in packages of 5 for about $16.42. This pack is the equivalent of about 150 analog cigarettes.


So are REDCIGs a good choice where E-cigs are concerned? In short, the answer is a definite yes! While a basic product, REDCIG E-cigs are a very realistic one. They offer several great packages and some great prices on refills.

While the initial cost to get started with this brand is a bit higher than it might be with other brands, one must keep in mind that ‘you get what you pay for’. This adage definitely applies to REDCIGs, which are undeniably high in quality and worth their retail cost.

2.67/5 (3)

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5 Responses to REDCIG Review

  1. Linda says:

    Initially I tried redcig disposables, which was a well interesting experience for me as a heavy smoker, which I wasn’t too impressed with but interestingly enough I changed my mind about these as soon as I gave their starter kit a try. Think it may have been the very first e-cig experience which then turned out to be more and more enjoyable by each time I used them. Now they just seem to be too good to make the switch. Go figure! 🙂

  2. Andy says:

    Decent starter kit for everyone who’s making the switch. Both myself and my missus have switched to electronic cigarettes thanks to this brand, so all I can say is ‘Thank You’ REDCIG. Although I am sure that we’ll be trying many other brands in the future, I can’t find a single bad thing about REDCIG starter kit.

    Andy & Liz

  3. Roy D. says:

    My mate recommended these and they were OK,I would however prefer to see stronger nicotine hit as felt that their 11’s were a bit too week for me.

  4. Pete says:

    One thing missing is the U.S.power adapter, I appreciate that they may be a UK brand but would expect that any business would be ready to operate worldwide these days. Other than that, an OK e-cig. Good vapour and battery life. P.S. I am a builder and regular power charger is just more convenient for me.

  5. chris says:

    Total waste of money, bought a battery for 50 pounds, within 3 months stopped working and will not fix or replace.
    Avoid, avoid this place, a RIP OFF!

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