Rocvape ORIGO CVB review

Rocvape ORIGO CVB Review

Published On April 21, 2017 | By Nicole | Product Reviews
Overall Score
80 %

The biggest upside for this device is the fact that it is very affordable for a compact mod like this.

Vapour 80%
Innovation 80%
Price 90%
Battery Life 75%
Design 75%

Quick Intro

The Origo CVB sells for about £30 on, which is a pretty good deal, actually, when you take into account everything you’re getting with it.

We got this vapourizer for a few weeks now so had plenty of time to test. We were very thrilled about it at first, as we’ve had our eyes on this device for quite some time.

But is the Origo CVB worth the cash?

That’s what we were determined to find out as we began our research.

Here’s what we discovered.

Pros and Cons

Here are the basic pros and cons that we discovered over the course of our research.


  • Low cost
  • High quality
  • Compact
  • Leak-proof
  • Sub-ohm capable, right out of the packaging
  • Produces awesome clouds and 18W of continuous power


  • The charging lead seemed pretty short to us… but that’s just an opinion
  • It can be a little bit messy to fill the device up with E-liquid, because to do that you need to take out the insides, which can cause E-liquid to drip wherever you set the lid and coil.

What’s in the starter kit?

The starter kit comes with the mod itself, a micro-USB charging lead (a very short lead, we might add), 2 coils, and an instruction manual.

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The CVB is quite small, and is technically an all-in-one vapourizer. It comes in a hard plastic case, so the packaging is actually pretty minimal.

The CVB, from the get-go, looked really nice. The blue coating (we got the blue color, though there are several available) looked really good, and the outside of the vapourizer seemed to be stainless or aluminum – some type of metal.

The device actually seemed nicely made, to be honest… and we liked the chrome-like finish on the other metal parts.

Next, we looked at the coils. They were rated at 0.5 ohms, making this a sub-ohm device right from the start, which is pretty cool. The device itself puts out a steady 18W of continuous power when you activate it, so it’s not a variable wattage or TC mod. It is very much a plain-Jane, standard box mod, really… for all intents and purposes anyway.

The coils have all kinds of organic cotton inside of them, and a nice seal on the bottom. We liked them.

The design of the mod, all in all, is quite minimal. It might look a bit complicated at first glance, but it’s actually quite easy to use. To fill the tank or replace the coil, you simply unscrew the top part of the device – which contains the drip tip and the variable airflow, out of the tank… which is built-into the side of the mod.

The tank is made from Pyrex glass, and is not removable. Actually, the entire tank and mod is fully integrated into the rest of the device. The only parts that come off are the drip tip, the variable airflow controller, and the coil. It has a 2ml capacity, so it fits well within the range of the TPD regulations.

The battery is the next thing that we will talk about. The device components are all fully integrated, so the battery doesn’t actually come out. It’s built right into the system, and boasts a 1600mAh capacity. It’s got a bit of weight to it, so this isn’t a box mod that you’re going to have to stress out about with the rigors of day-to-day use. It seems sturdy and capable.

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It’s also pretty inexpensive, to be fair. At about the £30 mark, this device gives you pretty much everything you need to vape right from the get-go… which is always nice to see.

In all honesty, the days of having to piece together a kit out of mixed and matched parts are pretty well over, unless that’s what you want to do. And this kit matches this new trend toward ‘plug in and go’ vaping quite nicely.

The drip tip is super-nice as well. It’s stainless steel on the outside, but it’s made of that plastic stuff on the inside – which means that it will stay nice and cool while you vape, which is awesome. It also has a double o-ring seal on the drip-tip, which seems to keep everything nice and tight.

The device is quite easy to fill. You just unscrew the top, fill it up to the max line on the side, and then replace the coil/lid. It’s a little bit weird to find a place to set the top part while you are filling it up, though, because it is pretty large, and while you can balance it on the drip tip with the coil up in the air, this could allow E-liquid to drip downward – which could make a mess.

Finding something to do with the top/coil part while filling it is a bit of a challenge. We do like we mentioned before, and balance it on the drip-tip. It works better when you balance it on top of a paper plate or a napkin, though, to keep the liquid from getting on anything important. That seems to work alright.

Another thing that’s really worth mentioning with this kit is that it is absolutely a leak-proof device. We filled it up and laid it on its side for several days – and didn’t even have one drop of E-liquid leak out of it.

  • Compact design for stealth vaping
  • Innovative, complete vaping box technology
  • “CUP” leak-proof embedded tank
  • Convenient top-fill design
  • Adjustable airflow controller
  • Delivers 18W of constant power
One thing that we did notice about this kit was that there are a lot of customized parts on it. You probably won’t be able to mix or match anything from this kit with anything from any other E-cigs, mostly because the parts on this kit are so drastically different from the parts on most other kits.

The one exception to this would be the coils. The coils on this kit are also used on other Origo vape pens from RocVape. But that’s about the only part of the mod that’s compatible with any other type of box mod.

What did we think of the Rocvape Origo CVB kit?

This box mod doesn’t have a variable airflow or anything like that… so you don’t have to make any real adjustments to it in preparation for vaping. We did, however, open up the airflow controller all the way – which we always do, as we like to be able to take big direct-lung hits on mods like this.

We also let it sit for 10 minutes or so to let the liquid soak into the coil before we used it, which is a pretty important part of the process. It’s important so that you don’t get any dry hits or anything like that.

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The device was outfitted with a standard 0.5 ohm coil, which it came with – and obviously, gives off a continuous 18 watts of power.

The flavour wasn’t super-pungent with this device. But it did pack quite a punch, and gave us a pretty good flavour with massive clouds to spare. It was very easy to use, of course. It was just a push-and-go type of a device. All in all, we really liked it. We like how it was put together, how it worked, and how easy it was to fill up.

We also really liked the compactness of the device, and felt that this really added to it. We were amazed that they got that big of a battery into that small of a device. But hey… the whole thing works really well, and we certainly give it two thumbs up for a great, high-quality performance all-around!

Appearance and Feel

This device looks and feels great. It is machined really well, the colors really pop, and it feels great in-hand. It’s a bit on the small side, but that’s not a really big deal.

  • Airflow

The airflow controller on this device was really, really nice. It worked without a problem, and gave us plenty of draw-power.

  • Material

The device is made mostly of steel, glass, and a bit of plastic. It feels quite sturdy, and we don’t think it would have a problem holding up to regular use at all.

  • Ease of Use

It doesn’t get much easier to use than the Origo CVB. You literally just push the button and go.


For us, one of the biggest upsides to this device was the fact that it was still very affordable, despite being a pretty powerful, compact mod. Generally, compact mods that still pack a punch cost a bit more – but that wasn’t necessarily the case with the Origo CVB.


The biggest drawback to this device, that we experienced, was what to do with the lid and the innards (the coil and such) while refilling with E-liquid. There isn’t really a way to set this part of the pen down where it won’t get onto things, with E-liquid dripping off of it and what-not. So this was a bit of a challenge – but only when refilling it or changing the coil.

Company Address and Contact Details

RocVape has business locations in both the US and the UK. RocVape UK can be reached at the following business address…

Screenshot of RocVape websiteRocVape UK

35 Ivor Place

Lower Ground




The company can also be reached for general inquiries by email at, or by telephone at 001 (213) 261-0366.

Additional recommended products from this company

If you’re thinking about buying the Origo CVB from RocVape, then you may also want to pick up a spare coil from the website as well. They sell for $7.99 USD on the RocVape website, which is a tiny bit on the expensive side – but well worth the money for the quality of vape you get from it.


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