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Scottish Law Will Ban E-cigs To Minors Under The Age Of 18

Published On March 16, 2016 | By Nicole | Press

New Scottish Law Will Ban The Sale of E-cigs To Minors Under The Age Of 18

A bill that was introduced into the Scottish Parliament in June of 2015 has finally been passed. The bill bans the sale of E-cigs to individuals under the age of 18, but it also regulates vaping products in a few other ways as well.

You can see an in-depth breakdown of the details of the bill here.

It was passed March 3, 2016. Here’s a quick rundown of how it will affect the sale of vaping products in Scotland.

The new law…

  • Bans the sale of vaping products to those under the age of 18
  • Makes it illegal to purchase vaping products on behalf of someone who is under the age of 18
  • Makes it illegal to sell vaping products in vending machines
  • Requires businesses that sell vaping gear to register in the same fashion as businesses that sell tobacco products
  • Makes it possible to make regulations that would keep vaping products from being advertised (it also does a few other things involving advertising that are quite detailed)

The law also makes some other health-oriented changes, and amends some laws that are currently on the books. There are some new rules about neglect in the healthcare field, for example – and so on.

So what do these new rules mean for the vaping industry, and how effective will they be?

Are the new laws going to be helpful, or hurtful?

The fact that the sale of vaping products is being denied to under-age consumers is generally regarded as a positive thing. Of course, there are always people who will make an argument for making them available to teens as a smoking cessation product (it’s pretty easy for kids to get hooked on cigarettes) – but that’s also a tough pill to swallow.

It’s not so unexpected that Scotland would successfully pass a law banning the sale of E-cigs to minors. Yes, a case could be made to make E-cigs more available – but do lawmakers and health-workers really want nicotine delivery devices legally saleable to teens under the age of 18?

Probably not – which is why that part of the regulation is certainly understandable, and perhaps even called for.

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As far as the advertising goes, this law is taking vaping one more step toward removing E-cigs from the public eye. Granted, vaping is far too popular to disappear as a result of advertising restrictions, but it still seems like a shame that advertising limits could keep them from being discovered by people who really need them.

Information! It certainly seems like the establishment rides a very fine line between caution and fear when it comes to electronic cigarettes – though, once again, this isn’t so unexpected. Consumers were pretty blind-sided by cigarettes a few decades ago, and a lot of people are probably thinking that we could see a repeat of such confusion with vaping.

People are simply afraid that vaping is going to end up being extremely harmful, and they’re afraid that we don’t know enough about it yet to justify allowing them remain unregulated.

Hopefully, time and more research will be able to answer more questions. So far, E-cigs seem to be a much-safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Hopefully this will gain some recognition in the future, and make it a bit easier for vaping shops to do business amid stricter regulations.

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