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Should I buy E-cigs from Amazon?

Published On January 17, 2016 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

Should I buy E-cigs from Amazon?

You can buy just about anything on Amazon (and by anything, we mean anything!!!). We’ve all sort of grown-up with this internet super-store, where you can have anything ordered and shipped to your door at the push of a button. We’ve all ordered a lot of products from this online mega-giant of a storefront – but is it really a good place to buy electronic cigarettes?

The answer might be no – and here’s why

I have nothing against Amazon. Believe me. I order more stuff off of that website than almost anyone I know. If I can’t jump in my car and buy it within five miles of my home, this is usually the first place I turn to. I order basically all of my music (both cds and downloads) from Amazon, and do almost 100% of my birthday present shopping with them. I also tend to order video-game supplies from them sometimes for the little one – depending on exactly what I’m looking for.

But I will say this. I’ve never bought an E-cig on Amazon, and knowing what I know about E-cigs and E-cig vendors, I probably never will.

Here’s why

Like I said, Amazon is great – but E-cigs are a unique type of product. For many people, they’re a very important piece of equipment. As an alternative to tobacco cigarette use, vaping fills a vital role for a lot of people. It’s amazing how quickly your willpower can go south when something happens with your vaping habit. One minute, you can be ready to give up cigarettes and move completely on to vaping.

Then, the next, you realize that your E-cig didn’t come with the right accessories – or that the battery was DOA, or that the tank had a crack in it.

And since you don’t want to dump another lump-sum of cash into another one, you’ll have to get this sorted out first before you can get a replacement on the way.

But it could take a while. And before you know it, you’re at the store buying a pack of cigarettes to tide you over – and it’s literally that easy for something to go wrong in the very beginning of your vaping habit.

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Why are vendor sites better than Amazon for E-cigs?

I’m not trying to knock Amazon in any way. I’m merely sharing my opinion about why it might be better to order your electronic cigarettes from a reputable dealer that specializes in vaping equipment. Doing so could save you a ton of trouble and gain you some serious advantages.

First of all, quality vendor sites (one of our favorites, for example, is Jacvapour) tend to offer better price loyalty programs, bonuses, technology updates, and news about the vaping market in-general. In addition to a marketplace, they also tend to act as a hub for information and a community for support.

On a website like Amazon, it can be difficult to find out who you’re really getting the products from. A lot of companies sell knock-off products that seem very convincing on-screen. Granted, generic products can sometimes save you money, but this probably isn’t the direction you want to move in when it comes to something as important as your vaping habit.

Another great thing about dedicated E-cig vendor sites is that they often give you the best information about new products, as well as the best money-back guarantees and customer service. Many E-cig companies nowadays offer a phone number or instant-messenger service that their customers can use to get in touch with them – which is pretty awesome.

Jac Vapour

And of course, with websites like Jacvapour.com, you know that you’re getting the real thing – an E-cig that’s been tested by product testers and shown to be good enough to sell on their website. This commitment to quality and the peace of mind that it brings is probably our best reason for choosing vendor sites over websites like Amazon.

In the end, the real issue is the product itself. If you want something high in quality, you generally need to go to a company that’s got closer tabs on what’s being offered in the marketplace – and E-cig vendors tend to do this much better than Amazon can.

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  1. Peter Ward says:

    I bought my wife’s and my own Innokin Endura T22’s via Amazon as they were 30% cheaper than anywhere else. 2 months in and were both very happy vapers and do not touch cigarettes anymore. Amazon can be great if you know beforehand exactly what you want, I had already settled on the T22.

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