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Should You Buy A Vape Brush?

Published On April 18, 2017 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

If you vape tobacco or any other type of dry herb in a vapourizer, then you might be wondering if it would be worth your time to invest in a vape brush.

Well, we’ve looked into it, and decided to write a blog post to help answer the question.

Here’s what you need to know.

First Off, What Is A Vape Brush?

A vape brush is essentially a small brush (not so different from a tiny paint-brush or craft-brush) that you can use in a dry-herb device to clean out any excess dry-herb matter or debris that might be difficult to remove otherwise. Dry-herb vapourizers are somewhat well-known for being difficult to keep clean, and though they almost always ship with a small pick-shaped cleaning tool, a lot of people feel that the process could be simplified with the addition of a few extra tools – and one of these tools is a vape brush.

These small, yet smart little doo-dads come in a wide range of types and styles – but most people that we’ve talked to agree that they do, indeed, help to make the cleaning process much easier.

The dozens of little tiny bristles can be super-helpful for removing hard-to-reach debris, and can make loosening tough spots and stick-ons a breeze (compared to using just the little cleaning tools that come with most devices).

Some vapourizers even come with brushes from the get-go – but unfortunately, this isn’t yet as common a practice as you would think, which leaves a lot of dry-herb enthusiasts left to the task of choosing their own brushes and buying them themselves.

But how do you know what type of vape brush to buy? That’s the next question we asked – and here’s what we learned.

What Type Of Vape Brush Should You Buy?

There are a lot of different vapourizer brushes on the market right now – and some people don’t even buy dedicated vape brushes to clean their vapourizers. We’ve heard of people buying small paint-brushes and using them. Some people even use tough pipe-cleaners to help them clean out the chambers in their dry-herb devices.

But, with this being said, we still have some tips and tricks that might save you a few steps.

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First of all, wait for your vapourizer to cool down before actually using a brush on it. If you try to brush it out while the chamber is still hot, you can melt the bristles – and that is not a good problem to have.

Brushes with long, bendable handles tend to work the best, because these can be bent and customized to fit into hard-to-reach spaces. You can buy brushes like this pretty easily by doing a Google search for ‘vape brushes’ or ‘vapourizer brushes,’ and browsing through the available offerings.

You can even find them for cheap on Amazon.

Another tip that might save you a headache or two is to buy more than one brush at a time. A lot of companies and stores offer these little tools in packs of 3, 5, or 6 – and we would certainly recommend buying them in larger packs like this.

They actually wear out quite easily, and buying them in larger quantities like this can help to avoid unforeseen problems if one breaks or just gets too dirty to be any good anymore.

Being so small, they do tend to wear out quickly – but they are also a commodity worth investing in if you do a lot of dry-herb vaping, so the money spent on them (which is very minimal) is going to be money well-spent, in our opinion.

If you haven’t yet ordered a dry-herb vapourizer, then you might want to check out the company you plan to use and see if you can get some included with your order. Your local vape store might also carry some good brushes that you could grab at an inexpensive price. In a pinch, you can also use craft brushes or something from the local art supply store – though these might not be shaped quite as optimally for the task.

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