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Introduction – SKYCIG Review

SKYCIG has already made a big name for itself in the E-cig market, despite the fact that it has only been around for just over three years.

They offer a range of different types of E-cig products, including traditional-style E-cig minis, an energy-blend called NRG, and enough accessories and flavours to take the experience to the next level for any user. New and experienced users alike have utilized SKYCIG products, but are the really good enough to compete with other top E-cig brands?

There is no doubt that SKYCIG is an E-cig market leader in the UK, but do they deserve such a spot? If you order a SKYCIG product, will you like the results? These are all very important questions, and in this review we are going to address them to the best of our ability.

Hopefully, after reading this basic review, customers will have a much better idea about these products, and about whether or not they might be the right choice for them.


Positives and Negatives

Here are some basic positives and negatives regarding the SKYCIG brand in general.


  • Great value for the money
  • They offer an energy blend called NRG, which is an interesting and different take on E-cigs
  • They offer 7 flavours, giving users more variety to choose from than just tobacco flavour


  • Prices seem a bit high at times on some of the products
  • Many reviewers agree that the batteries do not hold a charge for as long as they should


What Products/Accessories Can Be Purchased

SKYCIG offers a pretty basic array of E-cig products. Customers will find starter kits, chargers, cartomizers/refills, extra batteries, cases, and more. They will also find SKYCIG’s rather unique line of NRG E-cigs, which are basically E-cigs that include Taurine, which is an ingredient very common to a lot of popular energy drinks. NRG E-cigs come either with or without nicotine, depending upon what the customer is looking for. These types of E-cigs are intended to taste like energy drinks and provide the user with energy, in addition to any nicotine hit.

In a world that has fully entered the ‘energy drink craze’, this concept actually sounds like a very good one. Of course, there are other energy-type E-cigs out there in addition to the NRG, but we still think that it is a good idea and that it merits some attention.

Package And Design

The packaging for SKYCIG products is attractive and modern. In fact, though the products are fairly realistic, it was refreshing to see a bit of a different take on the packaging. Though most of the starter kits included a card-type carrying case (though this version much heavier duty than a regular cigarette-type case), the cases actually don’t seem like they were designed to look exactly like an analog cigarette case.

Whether this was intentional or not is difficult to determine, but it worked because, in a way, SKYCIG has done a fair job of separating themselves from analog tobacco-based products… embracing E-cigs as not just an alternative, but something good in and of themselves.

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Battery Performance

Unfortunately, while the batteries on SKYCIG products do often appear high in quality, there have been a lot of reports stating that they actually didn’t hold charge for nearly long enough to be effective. This leads to some problematic issues, especially if the customer only purchased one battery and isn’t in a convenient place to charge it. As often pointed out, this problem may be avoidable by simply always carrying a charger and a spare battery.

Vapour Production

Vapour production is very good on SKYCIG E-cigs. Of course, with some flavours you get a better nicotine hit than with others… but as a general rule, users usually rate the vapour production on their SKYCIG products as above average.

On that note, it is important to know that there have been a lot of users who have said that this E-cig brand does require some ‘primer puffs’ before the vapour production will be good. If these primer puffs are not taken, then the vapour can have an inconsistent production level.


Regular SKYCIG E-cigs come in 7 different flavours… classic tobacco, tobacco gold, crown menthol, crown tobacco, crown vanilla, crown cherry, and cinnamon. There are also different versions of the NRG flavour as well (for example, you can get it with or without nicotine, etc.).

SKYCIG Flavours

The flavours are all said to be very good. Most reviewers agree that the tobacco flavours do indeed taste like real analog cigarettes, while the other flavours offer a fun and great-tasting alternative when the mood arises.

Nicotine Levels

Nicotine levels range from 6mg to 18mg, depending upon what strength you choose. Light strength for example is 6mg, the regular is 12mg, and bold is 18mg. Users say that the quality of the throat hit varies with the flavour, the best being offered by the tobacco-type flavours.

About The Company

SKYCIG seems to be a company that is very passionate and focused about what it does. Their basic goal is to make SKYCIG an E-cig brand that the public can truly trust, and they say in the ‘About Us’ section of their official website that they see their electronic cigarettes as a “viable, realistic alternative to tobacco.” They definitely seem to be a company that cares about helping people who want to kick their analog smoking habit.

Their mailing address is in Edinburgh, though they do offer quite a few methods for getting into contact with them through their website. The company has basically been in business for just over 3 years, and in that time has acquired over 200,000 customers… making them a definite big-time player in the UK E-cig industry.
SKYCIG offers several different ways for customers to get into touch with them on their website. For one, they have a phone number that anyone can call. Secondly, they have an email address that anyone can use to email their support team. Third, they have a great FAQ section available on the site that makes answering simple questions relatively easy. Reviewers also tend to agree that their response time to questions and/or complaints is very good!

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On top of that, they also offer a live-chat support during business hours.

SKYCIG will ship throughout Ireland, the UK, and continental Europe. Orders over £45 are shipped for free, though you do get free DHL shipping as well if your order totals more than £250.
They offer a 30 day money back promise and a 1 year warranty on most of their products. Their 30 day money back promise is actually especially good. It has a ‘No quibbles’ policy to underwrite it, which means that you can basically return it for any reason and they will not ‘quibble’ with you about it.


Value For The Money

In the end, SKYCIG definitely offers a quality product for the money. There is the small issue of the batteries not always working as well as people might want them to, though to be fair this could also be solved by obtaining a few more batteries. They also carry their NRG line, which to us seems like a pretty interesting line of products. Anyone who likes energy drinks would probably find these Taurine-infused E-cigs very enjoyable!

Running Costs

SKYCIG cartridges contain the equivalent of about 30 analog cigarettes. Of course, how long they will last exactly really depends on the rate of usage. 1 five-pack of cartridges costs about £10.95, which should help customers to get an idea as to how long they will last and how much it will cost to maintain the habit.


SKYCIG might not be a perfect brand, but they do offer exceptional value for the money and a range of high-quality products that will appeal to a lot of different types of users. Ex-smokers will enjoy their regular tobacco E-cigs, while those who have been ‘vaping’ for a long time will probably appreciate their extra flavours. And then you have the NRG line that would hold a special appeal for energy-drink enthusiasts.

The best advice, when it comes to SKYCIG products, is to make use of their 30 day no quibble money back promise and give them a try. If you don’t like them, then you can always return them and get your money back!

This product no longer exists. 

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