Smok Guardian E-pipe 2

Smok Guardian 2 E-Pipe Review

Published On December 30, 2015 | By Nicole | Product Reviews
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85 %

The Smok Guardian 2 E-pipe is an awesome device, it vapes really well, partly due to its quality construction.

Vapour 90%
Throat Hit 85%
Price 85%
Battery Life 75%
Design 90%

Smok Guardian 2 UK

Smok Guardian 2 E-Pipe Review

The Smok Guardian 2 E-pipe is carried by Jac Vapour, and provides you with a realistic, high-quality alternative to analog tobacco pipes that’s both well-made and affordable.

Smok, as a brand, has put out some amazing products – so naturally, when we got the chance to try out the Guardian 2, we jumped at the opportunity.

The other e-pipe we reviewed previously was SMOK Prospect pipe, which was also supplied by JAC Vapour. It’s a truly decent device so hopefully SMOK Guardian 2 e-pipe won’t let us down.

Here’s what we found out about this incredibly realistic e-pipe from Smok and Jac Vapour.

Smok guardian 2 | Pros and Cons


  • It looks awesome, and the wood finish is fantastic
  • It works very well! The craftsmanship is obviously top-notch
  • It comes with a beauty ring for use with larger tanks, which is awesome
  • The firing button and hardware seem well-made
  • It has a variable voltage setting, which is an absolute deal-maker as far as we’re concerned


  • It doesn’t come with a battery or a tank in the basic kit, so you’ll need to purchase those items separately
  • It would be nice if it came with a stand
  • It’s not well-suited to sub-ohm vaping, though honestly that’s not much of a down-side, as it wasn’t designed for it

Attention! This E-pipe is no longer available! For alternatives, please go here.

What’s in the starter kit?

This kit came with the pipe itself, a beauty ring (that can be used to make the clearomizer/atomizer attach more seamlessly to the device itself), and an instruction manual.

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You’ll need to purchase a battery and a tank separately – but thankfully, they’re not that expensive, and Jac Vapour carries excellent versions of both.


The instruction manual seemed pretty basic, but it did a good job of describing how the device works. It also included some basic schematics that could be used to assemble the product and get it working. All in all, this was a nice addition to the kit.

Despite the fact that it’s covered by many layers of lacquer, make no mistake – the base of this pipe is definitely real wood. At first, it almost feels like plastic because of how glossy it looks – but in the end, we were quite impressed with it.

This product uses an 18350 battery. We used a 750mAh version, which gave us quite a few hours of vaping time.

Installing the battery is super-simple. You just need to unscrew the top (which is where the firing button is located) and drop it in. The firing button itself is also nice. It’s spring loaded, and seems to work like a charm!

Operating this E-pipe is pretty simple. You simply click it five times to fire it up, and hold it down to vape. The variable wattage settings are also super-easy to manage, and give you a wide variety of different settings to choose from. These settings seem more ‘mechanical’ than digital, since there’s no screen or anything like that – but they still do the trick! The VW settings make it much easier to find a satisfying vape. This device gives you VW setting choices ranging from 6W to 15W – which is a pretty awesome range.

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You can use just about any type of tank with this pipe, as long as the 510 threads will fit – though you can’t use a sub-ohm tank with it. It doesn’t pack quite enough power for sub-ohm vaping.

  • Variable Wattage: 6-15 watts
  • Works with 1.0-4.0 Ohm coils
  • Includes a built-in LED indicator light
  • 510/eGo compatible
  • Made from stainless steel and real wood
  • Product dimensions: 73mm x 70mm x 47mm
  • Requires 1 18350 battery for operation
As far as the stem goes, this kit uses standard 510 threads – meaning that you should be able to use just about any clearomizer or tankomizer with threads that match.

 What we think of this kit

Overall, the Smok Guardian 2 E-pipe is an awesome device. It vapes really well, partly due to its quality construction and overall design, but also partly due to the fact that it’s equipped with variable wattage settings. The flavor and the throat hit will depend mostly on the tank, of course – but the Guardian 2 will certainly get the job done if you have a quality tank to use with it.

If you want it took look more like a real pipe, then you might want to buy one of those curved drip-tips – but aside from this, it looks awesome and vapes extremely well!

If this is going to be your main vaping tool, then you might need to buy another battery or two – just because the battery that we used in this one only lasted for a few hours with constant use. That’s more than enough for a night out – but it’ll probably leave you lacking if you end up trying to use it on a daily basis.

Smok Guardian UK

As far as the price goes, we really feel that you’re getting a premium product for a fair price with this one. The craftsmanship and quality are both top-notch – and we really can’t recommend it enough, especially if you tend to love pipes and wish to transfer that hobby to vaping.

Information! We felt that this product deserved two thumbs up! As far as we’re concerned, the Smok Guardian 2 is a serious E-pipe, and worth a look for anyone thinking of buying something in this category.

Appearance and Feel

The box that the Smok Guardian 2 came in was pretty basic. It was made of cardboard, and had some specifications/information written on the side. The pipe was set pretty tightly within the packaging, but was displayed nicely.

The pipe itself has a wood-grain look and a real pipe feel to it – which is awesome. It was very, very nicely finished. The craftsmanship was truly excellent, and I can’t recommend it enough based on aesthetics alone.

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Overall, the look and feel of this pipe is brilliant. Even with the battery installed, it’s not cumbersome or heavy. It fits very nicely into the palm of the hand, and the firing button is within easy reach of either the thumb or the index finger – whichever you prefer.

If your tank is a bit on the smaller side, you’ll probably find it more useful to leave the beauty ring off. But if you’re using a tank that’s a little bit larger, you’ll probably find that the beauty ring really adds to the appearance and helps to fill that unsightly gap that shows up between the base of the tank and the rest of the device.

For this reason, I’m really glad that Jac Vapour includes a beauty ring with it.


The threads on the firing button/battery holding mechanism were very well manufactured. Once you get it started, you really won’t need to worry about cross-threading problems or anything like that.

One new feature on this pipe includes LED lights – which is nice. There’s also a variable wattage setting (available via a twist-mechanism located just under the firing button), which is awesome! VW gets you such a better vape for your money. It’s really amazing that more devices aren’t equipped with it.

Air-holes in the beauty ring help to keep the tank from overheating – which is a nice safety feature. There’s also a hole in the bottom of the pipe bowl to help keep the battery compartment cool. So as far as safety features are concerned, Smok seems to have done a good job with the Guardian 2.


One thing that would be nice is if this pipe came with some kind of a stand to keep it upright when it wasn’t in use. As it is, there really isn’t a way to keep it sitting up unless you’re holding onto it, and the smooth finish makes it difficult to lean up against things. Laying it on its side will work – but leaky tanks might make this a problem.

Company Address and Contact Details

Jac Vapour can be reached through an email contact form on their official website. They also have a physical address…

JAC Vapour Ltd

98 Giles Street



Additional recommended products from this company

The Aero Tank V2 works especially well for this pipe. It’s an awesome tank and definitely an item that you should look into if you’re thinking about ordering the Smok Guardian 2.

Attention! SMOK Guardian 2 is no longer for sale! Check available alternatives here!

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4 Responses to Smok Guardian 2 E-Pipe Review

  1. KyleM says:

    This pipe is no longer available on Jacvapour? Where can I get it in the UK?

  2. Nicole says:

    Hi Kyle,

    Unfortunately they discontinued selling SMOK Guardian kits but you can get it from or website. Go to those sites and use their site search to locate it. By the looks of it it’s cheaper on Hope that helps. :-))


  3. barry farley says:

    I have a smok guardian epipe II but my brother-in-law has lost the manual, could you please send by e-mail the

    • Nicole says:

      Hi Barry, I would but we no longer have the manual for this e-pipe on us. Something for us to keep in mind for the future! Please be advised that we’re not actually selling any of the products ourselves, we’re an info / review type of a website. Your best call is to reach out to the vendor you bought your pipe from. I did try to find a manual online but could only find a PDF for the SMOK Guardian III version. Hope you get it sorted.

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