SMOK Magneto 3 review

SMOK Magneto 3 Review

Published On March 4, 2016 | By Nicole | Product Reviews
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95 %

Cleverly-designed product which looks nice, works very well for what it was intended to be used for.

Vapour 95%
Throat Hit 90%
Price 90%
Design 95%
Our Rating 95%

SMOK Magneto 3 Review

The SMOK Magneto 3 is a tube mod that will work with 18350, 18500, or 18650 batteries. It also comes equipped with a magnetic switch to hold the batteries in place.

It’s made by SMOK, and the model for our review was supplied by Jac Vapour – so naturally, we were excited to get to try it out.

This battery mod basically allows you to use larger batteries with the SMOK Prospect E-pipe – which is nice because using larger batteries increases the length of time that you can use the device between charges. Let’s have a close look at how good this tube mod actually is.

Pros and Cons

Here are the basic pros and cons that we discovered while researching and testing this device.


  • It seems to be very well made
  • The polished stainless steel looks very good
  • The mod does what it was intended to do, and is actually very cleverly designed
  • The magnetic contact where it connects to the battery is very nice! This was an excellent feature


  • When the extender is completely screwed out, the device doesn’t seem to look quite as good as it does when the extender is screwed in. This doesn’t hinder the usage of the product, of course – it’s just an aesthetic issue, and is honestly not that big of a deal.
  • E-pipes, in general, are more difficult to charge because you need to physically remove the batteries from the device to actually charge them – and this device is no different. This isn’t a downside of the Magneto 3 in itself, but rather perhaps a downside to E-pipes as a category of vaping devices.

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Order This Mod from the Official JAC Vapour Website

What’s in the starter kit?

The starter kit comes with the battery mod itself, the display box, and an instruction booklet.

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The base of the mod is actually the firing button – which might seem odd at first, but it makes a lot of sense once you see how it operates. There’s also a firing button lock, which keeps it from getting pushed if you’re handling your E-cig and don’t want it to fire.

There are quite a few vent holes in this mod, which are intended to help keep the batteries cool during use. It’s nice to see such features included, as they make the mod safer – so kudos to SMOK for thinking about the airflow!

The base unscrews to open up the battery chamber. It’s easy to see which way the batteries go, which is very nice. On the top side, you can also unscrew the top air-vent chamber to extend the device – making it large enough to hold a much longer battery.

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This is how the mod works. Basically, it can be used with three different sizes of batteries, and requires only a very small amount of adjustment to switch between them. Unscrewing the vent cap lengthens the battery chamber. You then simply pop the battery in, and you’re good to go.

One very cool feature that we liked was the magnetic base. The bottom base is literally magnetic, and it ‘grabs onto’ the battery when you hold it close – which is an awesome touch!

The threads are also very well done. They fit very snugly, and the adjustable mod makes it easy to get the battery secured within the chamber.

  • 510 compatibility
  • Adjustable center pin
  • Contains air vent holes at the top and the bottom
  • Finished with brushed stainless steel
  • Features a firing-lock button
  • Compatible with the following battery models – 18350, 18500, and 18650
  • Product dimensions: 22mm x 73mm in 18350 mode, and 22mm x 104mm in 18650 mode
The SMOK Magneto 3 is compatible with 510 devices, but it doesn’t have eGo threads – so it won’t be able to be used with eGo threaded tanks.

What we think of this Mod?

Overall, we found the SMOK Magneto 3 to be very clever and useful. It’s a much better solution than what was originally shipped with the E-Prospect, and will allow you to use a larger battery with the E-pipe – which will, in turn, lengthen the use-life considerably.

Information! Of course, you’ll need to buy batteries and chargers to go with it, as it doesn’t come with any – but batteries for this mod are pretty cheap, so you shouldn’t have much trouble picking a few up to go along with it.

The device also feels nice in the hand, and the firing button works surprisingly well – despite the fact that it’s located on the bottom of the mod.

If you’re interested in putting a larger battery into your Prospect E-pipe, or are even just looking for a mod that will hold batteries while you sub-ohm vape, this device will definitely do the trick!

It’s affordable, it’s well made, and it works surprisingly well! We give it two thumbs up!

  • Improvements from the previous version (If Applicable)

This version seems studier than previous versions. It also looks sleeker, and contains more vent holes. All in all, the design just seems better and updated.

Appearance and Feel

The box that it came in was very nice. It was actually very cool looking, and pretty sturdy. When you open it up, you’ll reveal the Magneto 3 itself, which is in a smaller box. There’s a list of the features on the back, and a nice photograph of the device on the front.

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The Magneto 3 itself looks very nice. It’s made of brushed stainless steel, and comes with a user manual. Overall, the design of the mod itself is very clever. It even looks good aesthetically, which is awesome.

It also feels quite robust to hold. This mod would certainly stand up to normal wear and tear without a problem. But despite the solid build, it’s surprisingly light without a battery inside of it.

The feel of SMOK Magneto tube mod

When fully extended, the mod is a bit longer than the palm of the hand. All in all, it seems to be a good size for what it was designed to do.

Aesthetically speaking, the extension might take something away from the design in terms of attractiveness. When fully extended, it doesn’t look quite as nice as it does when the extension is screwed all the way in – but still, that’s not a very serious problem.

  • Airflow

There are several vent holes in the device that allow the air to circulate through the battery chamber. This helps to keep the batteries cool, keeps the device from getting hot, and makes it safer.

  • Material

This product is made of air-brushed stainless steel – which looks amazing!

  • Ease of Use

This mod is certainly easy to use! You shouldn’t have any problem making it work, especially if you take a look at the instructions before you try to put the batteries into it.


The SMOK Magneto 3 is certainly a cleverly-designed product. It looks nice, works very well for what it was intended to be used for, and is an all-around fantastic idea.


Aesthetically speaking, the mod doesn’t look as nice when it’s fully extended. This isn’t a big problem – but it does seem to take away from the overall attractiveness a little bit.

Company Address and Contact Details

Here’s the official registered office address for Jac Vapour…

Charlotte House 18 Young Street Edinburgh EH2 4JB

Jac Vapour can be reached through an email contact form on their official website. As of right now, they don’t have a phone number posted – so the only way to contact them is through email.

Additional recommended products from this company

Jac Vapour supplies the specific type of batteries that will fit into this mod – and you’ll probably need to buy one or two of the larger ones to go with it unless you have some on hand already, as the kit doesn’t come with any.

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Order SMOK Magneto 3 Mod from the Official Website

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