Smoke relief e-cig review

Smoke Relief review

Published On July 27, 2014 | By Nicole | Brands

Introduction – Smoke Relief E-cig Review

Smoke Relief is an E-cig company based out of the UK. They carry a pretty good selection of E-cig products, including starter kits that could be used to start vaping right away. Of course, everyone knows that transitioning to E-cigs from cigarettes can be a bit expensive and also a bit overwhelming… which is why it is nice to see starter kits available from companies like this one.

We have reviewed many, many E-cig companies on our website at this point, and it is always interesting to find out what different companies are offering. One of our goals is to find the best deals on E-cigs in the UK, though we also want to make sure to rate them accurately so that our readers will know exactly what they can expect.

Initially, we liked how Smoke Relief looked. Their products are packaged nicely, they maintain a pretty high quality website, and they seem to offer very competitive prices on their products. In fact, they offer a mini starter kit for only £9.95, which is pretty inexpensive. With prices that low, we are always on the lookout for corner-cutting, though initially we saw no evidence of such a thing where Smoke Relief was concerned.

On the company home page they were advertising what is apparently a new E-go style E-cig called the Cirro, about which we were definitely interested in finding out more. What we were looking for especially, however, was something distinctive that could really set Smoke Relief apart from the competition.

Continue reading our Smoke Relief review to find what we found out about the company and their products during our research.


Positives and Negatives

Here are the basic pros and cons that we discovered in regard to Smoke Relief’s products.


  • Products seem to be made from high quality components
  • They have a pretty good reputation with customers and reviewers
  • Flavours are said to be very good
  • They offer some very competitive pricing

Products seem to be made from high quality components


  • Some customers have said that they were disappointed that the contents of the starter kits don’t seem to last as long as they could
  • They don’t carry a huge range of products to choose from


What products/accessories can be purchased?

Smoke Relief offers three different starter kit options. Two of these are minis kits, and one is actually an electronic cigar kit. The entry level kit offered by Smoke Relief, which is simply named the eCigarette Mini Starter Kit, sells for only £9.95 and comes with a rechargeable battery, a mini USB charger, and 7 refill cartomizers. They also offer an Ego styled E-cig called the Cirro that we actually liked a lot. This is a pretty standard Ego style model, though it retails for only £14.95 and seems to be made from very high quality components.

You can also buy chargers, extra batteries, and various different types of refill liquid as well. In our opinion, Smoke Relief does a good job of offering a well-rounded selection of products without overwhelming the customer. We really couldn’t find anything to complain about thin this department.

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Package and design

Packaging for Smoke Relief products was functional and neat, though not necessarily groundbreaking or extraordinarily attractive. Most of the items come in simple cardboard and plastic packaging, though the packaging itself does get the job done and protects them during shipment and storage.

Smoke relief starter kits

As far as design goes, we found the products to be pretty attractive. Their E-go model is sleek and modern, though also pretty typical. Their minis are fairly realistic, and the personal charging case that comes with their Deluxe Rechargeable eCigarette Kit is also very nice.

All in all, once again, we couldn’t really find anything in this category to complain about.

Battery performance

We found nothing but good things to report about the battery performance on Smoke Relief products. Of course, it probably goes without saying that you can expect a longer battery life from the larger E-go style versions than you can from the minis, but both are fantastic options that you shouldn’t have any trouble with.

Vapour production

Smoke Relief actually seems to have a pretty good reputation for vapour production. We definitely found no reason to report otherwise. We also determined that customers can expect a quality throat hit from them, though you will probably have better results in this area with higher nicotine strengths.


Smoke Relief offers several good flavours. Here is a list of a good portion of them…

  • AppleSmoke Relief refills
  • Cappuccino
  • Cherry
  • Cool Menthol
  • Peach
  • Vanilla
  • Tobacco
  • Grape Smoothie
  • Cuban Cigar
  • And more

While Smoke Relief doesn’t offer near as many flavour options as some other companies, we found their lineup to be pretty solid. We also found that both users and reviewers seem to like the flavours. Of all of the reviews we went over, we really didn’t hear anything negative to report about the flavours themselves.

Nicotine levels

Smoke Relief offers most flavours in three different nicotine strengths… low 12mg, medium 18mg, and high 22mg. Users also seem to report a pretty good throat hit with these flavours, though you will probably find that this particular aspect of the flavour gets better as you increase the nicotine strength.

About the company

Smoke relief is a UK based electronic cigarette company that offers what they call a ‘smart alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.’

Smoke Relief is owned and operated by a company called Ten Motives Ltd. Their business address is Edwin Foden Business Centre Moss Lane Sandbach CW11 3AE. According to the ‘About Us’ section of their website, their aim is to ‘provide the best product at the best price on the market.’
As far as we could tell from looking over customer reviews and scouring the web for what other reviewers have said, Smoke Relief seems to do a good job with customer support. There might be a few complaints floating around out there, but for the most part we didn’t find anything too negative about the company this category.
There are several shipping options available on Smoke Relief’s website. First class flat rate shipping on orders totaling less than £20 costs £1.95, though this jumps to £4.95 and goes to Tracked Service if your order totals more. International shipping on orders of any value costs £5.95.
Smoke Relief does offer different money back guarantees on its products, though the actual length of the guarantee depends upon the item being purchased.


Value for the money

It is definitely our opinion that Smoke Relief offers a lot of value for the money with their E-cig products. Between their starter kits, their line of accessories, and the E-liquid flavours that they have available, it is easy to see how shopping on their website could lead to a satisfactory purchase… especially when you take into account how much their products cost.

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Running costs

According to the company’s official website, one 5-pack of cartomizers will last users about as long as 100 analog cigarettes. A 5-pack of these refills sells for £5.95.

Smoke Relief definitely offers some relief for your wallet when you compare the cost of their cartomizers to the cost of a pack of analog tobacco cigarettes! The running long-terms cost outlook for this brand is very, very good.


In the end, our official opinion of Smoke Relief is that they are a smaller E-cig company with a lot to offer. They might not offer hundreds of flavour options or dozens of starter kits, but they do carry some great products and seem to take customer support pretty seriously. Their E-go style electronic cigarette actually looked very good, especially for the price. We must say that we were fairly impressed with it, though we also liked their minis as well.

Of course, it is important to keep in mind that E-cigs themselves are a very good idea, especially if you are currently a smoker who is looking to kick the analog habit. E-cigs are healthier, safer, and contain far fewer chemicals that could be considered detrimental to your health. In fact, they contain no tar or carbon monoxide, and are said to emit only a tenth as much nicotine second-handedly!

Smoke Relief seems to market their products with this same mindset. They seem to want to market cleaner, healthier products that will help smokers by providing a suitable, superior alternative. In our opinion, they do a good job of this. For this reason, we were pretty impressed with them and hope to see more of them in the future.

5/5 (1)

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