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Smoking and E-cig laws as of May of 2016

Published On June 1, 2016 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

New smoking and E-cig laws have been announced, as of May of 2016

There have been quite a few different laws, rules, and regulations regarding smoking and vaping passed in recent months – and some of the newest are also some of the most drastic that we’ve seen in a long time. We all knew that new vaping and smoking laws have been on the way, but most people didn’t realize just how drastic some of these changes were going to be. In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at some of the rules and examine the impact that they could have on vaping and smoking in the UK.

New cigarette regulations

There have been some very drastic changes made to existing regulations regarding smoking. In a sense, the court seems to have decided that it was time to deal an even tougher blow to the cigarette industry in an effort to curb the health challenges associated with analog tobacco cigarettes and other tobacco products – but it’s very possible that few people realized exactly how far it would go.

As of the latest announcements and regulations, here are a few of the changes that have been made to the laws regarding the manufacture, sale, and usage of tobacco products in the UK.

First off (and probably most significant), menthol and other flavourings can now be banned, and cigarettes that use these flavours can now be prohibited. Standardized white labels will also be required on 65% of the surface area of all cigarette packs, and there will need to be health warnings placed on this white space.

As the most significant changes within the ruling to affect tobacco cigarettes, these are certainly some big steps. Removing menthol flavouring from the picture is actually a huge step, because menthol was one of the few non-tobacco flavours that was still legal up until this point. It’s been illegal for a long time to produce fruit-flavoured tobacco cigarettes, but this ruling will basically remove any flavouring options from the picture.

The changes to the packaging are also quite drastic. There are already a lot of rules about the marketing, advertising, and packaging of tobacco cigarettes, so these rulings will just take this aspect of tobacco regulation another step further.

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tobacco market

How will this impact the tobacco market?

It might be impossible to predict how these changes will impact the tobacco market. Menthol cigarettes represent a huge portion of tobacco sales in the UK, but it’s almost impossible to predict how many former menthol smokers will consider switching over to regular cigarettes just to continue with their habit.

E-cigs could provide a better alternative to tobacco products, especially for people who really want to continue to vape a menthol flavour – but E-cigs didn’t escape altogether untouched by the ruling either.

What changed for E-cigs?

In the ruling, the major changes for electronic cigarettes were as follows.

  • The packaging will need to contain warnings about nicotine
  • The nicotine levels of E-liquids will be limited to 20mg
  • Advertising and sponsorship will be restricted by a set of new laws and guidelines

While these were not the only changes initiated by the ruling, they were probably the ones that will be the most noticeable for vapers. The Independent British Vape Trade Association actually issued a statement about the ruling, saying that they were ‘disappointed’ by it. Their argument is that these regulations could force vapers back toward cigarettes in some cases – especially when you consider the fact that with new regulations come higher prices for manufacturing, distribution, and retail.

Information! This will translate to higher costs for E-cig products in the UK – which may have an impact on the market.

Another pretty major change is that bottles of E-liquid larger than 10ml will now be prohibited. This will also drive up the cost of the refill E-liquid, as buying in larger volumes is one method that vapers have always used to save money.

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