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Smoking, Vaping, and the Pub Scene

Published On April 11, 2016 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

Smoking, Vaping, and the Pub Scene

Recently, I’ve been going out to bars and pubs more often. Maybe it’s because summer is on its way – and the warm weather just makes me feel more like getting out than I normally do.

At any rate, I’ve really been struck by the number of people vaping – and it actually boggles my mind to think about how many people used to smoke in pubs before laws made such an activity illegal.

I recently had time to sit down and really process these thoughts. I do tend to write a lot about E-cigs, so I’m probably more aware of these types of things than most people. Here are the primary observations that I came to.

1… I’ve noticed that a lot of people are vaping

I actually see this a lot more than I used to. Of course this, to me, is a good thing. It shows that vaping is catching on – probably as an alternative to smoking for most people. This is good, because it provides a way for people to stop smoking without having to quit cold-turkey. It also seems to simply be a better alternative to gum. Let’s face it… there’s nothing fun about chewing nicotine gum. It’s pretty gross, and simply doesn’t fill the same need.

2… I’ve noticed that smoking is really on the decline

A lot of people still go outside to smoke, but it’s becoming less and less common – especially among younger pub-goers. Younger people (those straight out of high school) are much less likely to smoke than their older peers (from my perspective, anyway). Actually, I don’t even see that many young people vaping, honestly. Most of the vapers I see are closer to my age (30), or older.

3… I’ve noticed that, slowly, people are learning more and more about vaping

They seem to be more aware of the health benefits, and seem to be more concerned with the dangers of smoking. This is more pronounced in the younger generation than in my own – but it’s positive nonetheless.

In the end, I would wish for everyone to realize that smoking isn’t good for you, and that it’s not worth the risk. Some people, however, simply seem not to care about this as much. This makes me unhappy, but there’s little that I can do about it in the short-term. What I can do is this… I can educate myself, and do as much research as possible about electronic cigarettes. I can then share my findings through blogs and conversations – and hopefully, along the way, I’ll contribute to a bigger change that will make the world a better, safer, and healthier place.

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Attention! Cigarettes might not be the worst problem in the world, but I truly wish that fewer people smoked them. They’re admittedly very dangerous, and contribute to a lot of different medical conditions. The health problems caused by cigarettes are responsible for an undue amount of needless suffering for a vast number of people – so I’ll do what I can to help raise awareness and urge people to make healthier choices for themselves, and I hope you’ll do the same.

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