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South Beach Smoke UK Review

Published On May 29, 2014 | By Nicole | Brands

South Beach Smoke UK Review – Introduction

We had to admit that we were pretty excited to review South Beach Smoke. Their website has a unique look to it and the product packaging seemed very attractive. By all accounts, we were expecting a fairly cutting edge product, especially when we saw the price tag that came attached to it!

Our initial impressing of the website itself was very positive. The design is an eye-catching blue and orange with trendy lettering and graphics. We had to admit that looking at the South Beach Smoke website actually caused us to think of a beach… so kudos to their web-design team for making their online hub stand out!

When it came to the products, we were not disappointed in what was being offered. South Beach Smoke carries quite a variety of electronic cigarettes and flavours (Which we will expound upon later on in the review!). We were also impressed to see a 30 day money back guarantee being offered, as well as a lifetime warranty.

But what about the products themselves? The packaging and website are only going to do so-much good without a high quality product, so let’s move on and discuss whether or not these E-cigs are worth the price in our South Beach Smoke review.


Pros and Cons

Here are some of the initial pros and cons that we discovered about South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarettes…


  • Products themselves are high in quality
  • They offer a very impressive line of e-liquid flavours
  • Great battery strength
  • Great vapour production
  • Great throat hit


  • Some have said that the quality of the flavour isn’t very good
  • Price point may be too high for some customers
  • Item #3


What Products/Accessories Can Be Purchased?

South Beach Smoke offers a fairly wide variety of different products. They offer five different starter kits, which range in cost from £27.99 to £109.99. For beginners or for individuals who just want to try out the brand, the Reusable Express Kit, which costs £27.99, is probably the best and most cost-effective option. This kit comes with 1 battery, 1 USB charger, and 2 nicotine cartomizers… roughly the equivalent of 1.5 packs of cigarettes.

The Deluxe Starter Kit, which retails for £59.99, is probably the best choice for serious E-cig users who want a range of products that will give them a higher quality vaping experience. This kit comes with 1 standard battery, 1 extra-capacity battery, 1 USB charger, 1 portable wall charger, and 10 nicotine cartomizers (your choice of flavour and strength), which is the equivalent of about 15 packs of regular cigarettes.

They also sell a vaporizer called the Air, which is basically an e-go style E-cig that contains a 350 mAh battery and is made from stainless steel. It is sleek and stylish, and can be used to combine up to 3 different E-liquid combinations… giving users over 30,000 different flavour combinations after you take into account the number of flavours offered by South Beach Smoke.

Package And Design

The packaging is very attractive on South Beach Smoke products. The deluxe kit, for example, comes in an attractively styled box with a magnetic lid that can be re-used to store your vaping gear. As for the designs of the products, the E-cig minis do a good job of looking real.

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The batteries and cartomizers fit together to give them a distinctive analog look, and even feature an led light in the tip to make them look more like a real cigarette. E-cig users who used to smoke analog cigarettes and who want a familiar experience will be especially happy with how the South Beach Smoke products look and feel.

south beach smoke packaging

The Air, however, is a great example of an E-cig with a more modern ‘vaping’ flair. If one thing can be said about this company, it is that they offer something for almost any E-cig user.

Battery Performance

Battery performance is said by users and reviewers alike to be very good. They hold a good charge, re-charge relatively quickly, and even come in different sizes for people with different needs. If you are going to be out all day away from a charger, then it might be a good idea to carry two or three spares with you, but that is not uncommon for E-cig batteries… especially where the minis are concerned.

Vapour Production

Vapour production, as well as throat-hit, are said to be very good on these products. Users report a very generous plume of vapour, and that the throat hit is just about as satisfying as what you would get from an analog cigarette.


We were very pleasantly surprised to find that South Beach Smoke offers a very wide array of different flavour options. When you enter the ‘E-liquids’ page, you are immediately greeted by seven different categories of e-liquids… custom blending, top blends, tobacco flavours, menthol flavours, dessert flavours, fruit flavours, and other flavours. Custom blending is an option that allows you to blend up to 3 different flavours to make your own custom flavour, which is a pretty incredible option in our opinion.

You also get a ton of tobacco flavours and dozens of specialty flavours to choose from. There are far too many to write down in one review, but rest assured that you will be able to find whatever you want on this website! A few flavour examples below:

south beach smoke e-liquids

We are always thrilled to see such a wide variety of flavour options… though on the flip-side of this coin, some customers have reported that they were not entirely thrilled with how the flavours tasted. Some users and reviewers have described that they can have a weird aftertaste. Of course, flavour is very relative and personal, so there is no way to know for sure if you will like it or not until you try it. What one person doesn’t like might taste great to someone else, and vice-versa.

Nicotine Levels

You can get most of South Beach Smoke’s flavours in five different nicotine strengths… 0mg nicotine free, 6mg ultra-light, 12mg light, 16mg full flavoured, and 24mg bold.

About The Company

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of specific information about the UK company available on their website. There wasn’t really an ‘about us’ section that we were able to find, though they did have some news clippings available and also talked about their products. In their website FAQs, South Beach Smoke calls their E-cigarette a ‘revolutionary, innovative electronic cigarette device which offers the smoking community a better smoking alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarettes.’

The South Beach Smoke website is actually controlled from the business’ offices located in the United States of America. The address given in the ‘terms and conditions’ page of their website is 1269 N Wood Dale Rd. Wood Dale, IL 60191. This company has been seen and featured in some very prominent news outlets, including the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, CNN, MSNBC, the Boston Herald, and more.
By all accounts, customer support at South Beach Smoke seems to be very good. They offer a phone number and an email form that customers can use to get in touch with them, and also offer a pretty good warranty and money back guarantee.
This company offers free shipping on orders over £100, though this won’t help you as much if you are just buying an inexpensive kit to get started with.
On the front page of their website, South Beach Smoke advertises a 30 day money back guarantee and also a lifetime warranty for their products… though after digging a bit deeper it seems that there are definitely some stipulations. The lifetime warranty, for example, is only available to individuals who are actively enrolled in the Home Delivery Program… which is a program through which the company sends you fresh cartomizers every month and bills you automatically, albeit at a discount. When you cancel the program, the lifetime warranty is no longer valid.


Value For The Money

South Beach Smoke definitely offers value for the money, despite the fact that they are priced quite a bit higher than other E-cig brands. There are brands out there that will give you a basic beginner’s kit for around £10, while South Beach Smoke is charging close to £30 for the same thing… but one must also take into account that their products are actually very high in quality. If you want to get into vaping with a higher-end E-cig, then this is going to be an option that you will want to consider. Their batteries and atomizers are very good, and they offer a great throat hit and vapour production.

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Running Costs

Buying refills for these E-cigs will basically cost you $1.40 for the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes… making them a definite money saver!


South Beach Smoke definitely does most things right. They offer a great product, a huge variety of flavours, great vapour production, and batteries that are built to last. Their designs are trendy and ordering from them is pretty much a breeze. Of course, their prices are a little bit high and some people have not been thrilled with how some of the flavours tasted… but the price isn’t so bad once you take into account the high quality, and the taste is definitely a matter of preference.

In the end, we would definitely recommend South Beach Smoke to anyone looking for a high-quality E-cig.

3.25/5 (4)

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