Stealth Vape review

Stealth Vape Review

Published On November 21, 2017 | By Nicole | Brands
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80 %

If you’re looking for other than ready to use vapes and e-liquids then this is a great online store to check.

Product Selection 70%
Reputation 90%
TPD Compliance 100%
Innovation 70%
Our Rating 80%


When I first sat down to write this Stealth Vape review I was quite shocked by just how slick their website was.

I was taken aback by the amount of information about what they did right there on the front page.

The product range looks like it is wide and varied at first glance and everything is easy to see on the screen.

I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but the first impressions of Stealth Vape are excellent, the black background is great in my opinion because I find that white backgrounds burn into my eyes after too long..


Facts You Need to Know about Stealth Vape

Stealth Vape LocationStealth Vape are located at:


190 Queen Street


East Yorkshire

HU19 2LG


Stealth Vape is a family company run by a couple, Emma and Rob. Originally starting out as box modders they ended up entering the vape industry after being genuine lovers of vaping. Knowing this information instantly made me warm to the site, who can you trust more with your vaping equipment than fellow vapers? Hopefully that won’t come back to haunt me!

The support on offer from Stealth Vape is a standard form integrated into the website for returns and a contact form. They also offer a phone number as well as their address so if you would rather speak to someone in person the option is there.

Stealth Vape offer their shipping through Royal Mail, utilising their air mail and recorded delivery options as well as standard first class delivery. There is also a tracking service for when you just have to know how far away your order is. It’s a pretty standard selection of choices for shipping, offering enough choice without going over the top.

They do have a special offer section with some lower priced items, but there isn’t a huge amount of variety in there with just one product, a custom lid, in seventeen different colours.

What Types of Products are Stealth Vape Selling

You might think the answer is just simply vape equipment and you would be correct, but is slightly more detail to it than that. Stealth Vape are slightly different to most vape websites out there, they are not going to supply you with what you need to get up and vaping as soon as your package arrives. Stealth Vape sell the accessories and parts to either create your own mods or repair your equipment. They also sell wicks, wire and coils for when you need to change your coil. Their product list for this equipment is extensive however. They currently have in stock.Stealth Vape Stand

  • Wick
  • Wire
  • Rebuildable Supplies
  • Stands
  • Evolv
  • 510 connectors
  • Acrylic Parts
  • Mod Parts
  • Free Stuff

Each one of these categories houses different parts for modding your vape or E-Cig with the final category reserved for various free trials and samples that Stealth Vape have available.

The wicks and wire categories house the products that will allow you to replace your wick and coil as and when you need to. As long as you have the ability to change the batteries in a TV remote then you can do this yourself so this category should be of interest to most vapers, although the different products on offer may need some research to find out what is best for you.

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Stealth Vape Selection

Each of the rest of the categories is aimed directly at anyone who is interested in the more technical side of vaping. If you’re not interested in modding or repairing your vape yourself then these categories, in fact this whole site, is not for you.

Think about whether your interest is in the more technical side of vaping before you indulge in a spending spree at Stealth Vape. If you’re not sure if modding is for you then you are better off buying an already modded vape or if that is not to your tastes a standard vape.

Standout Product

VoodoowoolThe main product that stands out on the Stealth Vape site is their Voodoowool. Voodoowool is a silica wool that has been developed by Stealth Vape themselves. They claim that it is the best quality wick material on the market, that it resists fraying, holds a higher quantity of E-Liquid and wicks faster than other wick materials.

Surprisingly it is not the most expensive wick material on the Stealth Vape site considering they market it as a market leading project. It is cheaper than the Cotton Bacon product on the site, but has a significantly higher number of positive reviews than the Cotton Bacon does.

If you are planning on changing the wick and coil and want to try something new, then Voodoowool is a product with a high number of positive reviews and an affordable price. If you’re comfortable with wrapping your wick and coil yourself then Voodoowool is a product that you may get some benefit from. However if you are not comfortable with change then trying a new product is probably not for you and so Voodoowool shouldn’t be on your shopping list.


  • Fray resistant
  • High silica count
  • It holds a high amount of E-Liquid


  • The fibres may break away and be inhaled while preparing the wick
  • They are more expensive than cotton wicks
  • There is less flavour in a silica wick than in cotton wicks

How Good is Stealth Vape’s E-Liquid Range

This is a tricky one to cover. You see, Stealth Vape don’t stock E-Liquid on their site. So while they have an extensive range of vape accessories and parts, you won’t be able to get any innovative flavours from here. It’s a little bit disappointing in a way as they seem to pride themselves as being at the forefront of vape technology, but if they feel they are better served remaining in their niche and providing higher quality products then all power to them.

Social Proof for Stealth Vape

Stealth Vape have extremely high user ratings on Trustpilot. With a score of 9.8 out of 10 from 471 reviews it shows that their customers are both happy with the service they have received but are also happy to share their pleasure at the company. The high rating as well as the fact is has remained consistent despite a relatively large number of reviews means that you should be able to be confident when ordering from Stealth Vape. As these reviews show, their customers tend to be pleased with both the products they got and the speed with which they were delivered. Both good traits to look for when ordering online.

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Stealth Vape Trustpilot reviews

Overall Stealth Vape have a very good online presence that shows customers are pleased with the service that they receive and any problems are resolved quickly. This is especially trustworthy as Trustpilot are an independent company so have no interest in whether Stealth Vape have good or bad reviews. All of this adds up to good news for the social proof of Stealth Vape.

Where Does Stealth Vape Stand in Terms of TPB Compliance?

At the time of writing Stealth Vape in general don’t have any products that come under the TPB directives, in fact the only product that does is a spurious link at best. With the new directives stating that the maximum capacity of a refill container is 10ml, it means that any containers larger than that are too large. While Stealth Vape don’t actually stock any containers they do have stands that can safely hold containers up to 30ml. So technically Stealth Vape do comply with TPB regulations, but at the same time they do give people a safe way to hold their containers that don’t comply.

By choosing their product list carefully Stealth Vape have managed to both comply with TPB regulations while at the same time not necessarily endorsing them. Whether that is on purpose or just a side effect of their niche is for them to say, not me.


As mentioned earlier, Stealth Vape is not your regular vape supply store. You won’t be able to get ready made vapes or the newest e-liquids here. Stealth Vape are definitely well entrenched within their particular niche within the vaping community. This means that the site doesn’t offer a lot for the more casual vaper, they are firmly aimed towards the more technical vaper.

If you are a technical vaper though Stealth Vape offer a wide variety of products to help you get the most out of your vape. With high quality products running throughout all of their categories the customer reviews show that Stealth Vape aren’t just offering empty words when they say their products are high quality.

The main positive from the Stealth Vape website is that you can see quite plainly see the customer reviews on Trustpilot. They are obviously immensely proud of their customer service record and want to ensure that how well they treat their customers is well advertised.

If you want to see for yourself then just click here ( to have a look.

4.14/5 (7)

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