Nicotine strength for E-liquid

Tips for choosing the right nicotine strength for your E-liquid

Ordering E-liquid is a fairly simple process. But with that being said, choosing the right nicotine strength isn’t always so easy. New vapers might be confused about what nicotine strengths really mean, and might not quite know where to get started.

So in this blog post, we’re going to give you some tips for how to choose the perfect nicotine strength for your vaping habit.


This strength means that the mixture contains no nicotine whatsoever. If you’re vaping as an alternative to cigarettes, you probably won’t find this strength very pleasing, because it won’t satisfy any nicotine cravings that you might have. You should only use this strength if you’re not addicted to nicotine, or if you have already dropped-off and weaned yourself down to the next-lowest strength and are ready to make the leap to zero.


This is considered a very ultra-light level of nicotine, and is probably the weakest concentration of nicotine that you’ll find in commercially available E-liquids. You should use this strength if you’re used to smoking ultra-light cigarettes, if you’re working your way down to zero nicotine in an attempt to wean yourself away from addiction, or if you’re sub-ohm vaping. This strength makes a good sub-ohm vaping strength because you’re going to get a lot more vapor through sub-ohm devices than you would through normal devices – so you certainly don’t want to overdo it.


This nicotine strength is strong enough that smokers who are used to light cigarettes will probably find it satisfying. You should choose this nicotine strength if you used to smoke light cigarettes and smoked less than a pack of them a day.


This is probably the most common nicotine strength utilized by former-smokers who decide to take up vaping. The amount of nicotine that you’ll absorb using this strength is very comparable to what you would get from smoking a full pack of regular cigarettes in the span of a day. If you were a pretty typical smoker and smoked about a pack of regular cigarettes on a daily basis, then this is probably the strength that you’ll want to start out on.


This nicotine strength is a bit stronger. If you used to smoke more than pack of full-flavored cigarettes in one day, or smoked a lot of ‘natural’ or rolled tobacco, then this is probably the strength you’ll feel the most comfortable with at first.


In some brands, this is the highest nicotine strength that you can get. If you used to smoke two or more packs every day and simply cannot satisfy your cravings with anything less, then this is probably the strength that you’ll end up finding the most success with.

Scaling down your nicotine strength

One of the great things about E-liquid is that it gives you complete control over how much nicotine you’re getting through your vaping habit. This makes it an ideal tool to use for scaling down – which basically means that it will allow you to slowly scale back your nicotine intake by allowing you to buy weaker and weaker E-liquids over time.

LiQuid E-Liquids

This will still allow you to satisfy your cravings, but will also help you to work toward a state of zero nicotine addiction – which is essentially the goal for a lot of vapers who are using the habit in an attempt to quit smoking.

In conclusion, keep in mind that buying the right type of E-liquid might be a trial and error process. If you try a liquid and end up not liking it, please don’t get discouraged. There are a lot of E-liquids out there, and there are a ton of options to help you find the type, taste, and strength to suit your personal needs and preferences.

If you don’t find the perfect liquid to start off with, don’t give up hope. Odds are good that you’ll just need to try out a few more before you find the blend that’s perfect for you.

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