Top E-Cig Brands UK 2014

Introducing – top E-cig brands in the UK

Our goal here at E Cigs UK is to not only inform you and fill you in on what electronic cigarettes are and how they work, but also to offer you detailed advice for choosing the perfect electronic cigarette for you.

Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular for a number of different reasons. For one, they offer many health benefits over traditional tobacco cigarettes. Cigarettes contain a mixture of tobacco leaves and additives that, when burnt, create a mixture of chemicals containing over 60 well-known carcinogens. Some of these include ammonia, cyanide, benzene, methanol, and formaldehyde.

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Electronic cigarettes, however, contain no harmful byproducts or chemicals. They produce flavoured vapour instead of smoke, and are harmless to not only the smoker, but also to those exposed to the vapour second hand. E Cigs operate by atomizing a flavoured liquid to create vapour, as opposed to burning tobacco and additives to create smoke. This liquid contains about as much nicotine as a cigarette, but none of the other harmful chemicals associated with tobacco smoke.

While electronic cigarettes are a relatively new product, they have already made big headlines as a tool that can help traditional smokers to kick their tobacco habit. They also provide an alternative to regular cigarettes that won’t put your health or safety at risk.

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Looking For The Right Electronic Cigarette Products?

If you are interested in learning more about E Cigs, or are looking for the right electronic cigarette then you have come to the right place. On E Cigs UK, you will find reviews, information, and advice for getting started. Of course, there are many brands available, so wading through the choices on your own can be confusing so hopefully our detailed reviews can offer you some down-to-earth advice on the different brands.

See below our top starter kit picks in 2014

Brand Price Our Discount Total More Info
JacVapour rated 5 £9.99 + 15% £6.99 + Review
Cigees Rated £48.00 5% OFF £48.00 + Review
E-Lites Rated £19.99 N/A £14.99 + Review
Redcig rated 4.5 £19.99 + £10 & £20 OFF £19.99 + Review
GreenSmoke Rated £39.97 5% & 10% OFF £33.97 + Review

Consider E Cigs UK your one-stop-shop for electronic cigarette information.


REDCIG KitRedCig hails itself as ‘the UK’s leading electronic cigarette’. Their products are known throughout the UK for looking, feeling, and tasting just like real tobacco-flavoured cigarettes, though they do offer a variety of other flavours as well.

RedCig has been slowly gaining popularity in the UK, mostly for its starter packs and for its super-realistic products and flavour. On their website, they say that they are committed to providing the highest quality E-cigs in the UK, and that they take customer service very seriously. Read our in-depth review to learn more.



Cigees KitCigees is an electronic cigarette company that offers incredible prices and value to their customers. They offer several different lines of E-cigs, an E-go style vaporizer dubbed the ‘CE5’, and enough supplies, accessories, and starter packs to appeal to a wide range of customers.

The thing that most people will notice about Cigees right away is that they tend to offer lower prices than some other E-cig companies. They definitely offer value for the money, but do they stack up where quality is concerned? Find out more in our comprehensive, detailed Cigees review.



GreenSmoke KitGreensmoke is an E-cig company that operates with the mantra “Feel great about what you smoke”… and they are definitely true to it! They have sold over 21,250,000 products so far since their business got its start in 2008, and since then they have been industry-leaders in the E-cig market as they seek to fulfill their mission… to bring healthier, safer alternatives to cigarette smokers all over the world.

GreenSmoke deserves high marks for quality products and great prices. For more information on exactly what they have to offer, take a look at our full-featured review of their products and services.



E-lites KitE-Lites has a reputation for offering not only some of the highest quality components in the E-Cig industry, but also for offering some of the most economical starter kits on the market. E-Lites is definitely a company that seems to care about offering safer, healthier alternatives to tobacco.

They operate under the mantra ‘Believe you can’, and a lot of their promotional materials fit with this. They also offer a decent amount of information on their site about E-cigs in general. They offer a fairly complete E-cig glossary and some great information on what E-cigs actually are, how they operate, etc. Read our full and in-depth review for more information on this very popular E-cig brand.



JacVapourJacVapour is a relative newcomer to the E-cig scene. Born in 2010, they have actually become one of the leading suppliers of electronic cigarettes in the UK.

They offer some incredible deals on starter kits, accessories, extra batteries, flavours, and even some E-go style models. As far as prices go, they offer some inexpensive starter kits and even some intermediate-sized kits for a great price. For more information on JacVapour, check out our in-depth, full featured review.



SKYCIG KitSkyCig is an e-cigarette company made up of a focused and passionate group of people who believe in providing the very best customer service, the most innovative products, and a realistic, safe alternative to smoking for their supporters.

SkyCig has already sold products to over 200,000 customers from the UK, Ireland, and continental Europe, and they continue to be one of the largest and most popular E-cig companies to service these areas. They offer a combination of realistic E-cig products, as well as a line of energy vaping products called ‘NRG’. To learn more about SkyCig, make sure to check out our in-depth review.

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