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Will UK consumers be able to buy E-cigs online in 2017?

Published On June 30, 2016 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

Will UK consumers be able to buy E-cigs online in 2017?

Anyone who has been aware of Brexit (the vote that will lead Britain out of the EU at some point over the next two years) is probably wondering if the UK will still need to abide by the EU E-cig regulations (the TPD) in 2017. Obviously, vaping vendors and consumers alike are a bit concerned about the regulations – so here is what we do know about how Brexit could possibly affect the TPD and how it’ll enforced in the UK.

It’s going to take some time

First of all, it’s important to understand that Brexit won’t take affect right away. It could take up to two years for the UK to completely withdraw from the EU – which means that they will still be following its rules for a while. This means that vapers might still need to abide by the TPD in 2017. It is, however, understood that it will probably be ‘loosely enforced’.

With that being said, it does sound like UK consumers will be able to buy at least some different types of products online from retailers in other countries. The TPD seems to affect UK companies that are selling to UK citizens more than companies in other countries selling to UK citizens. With that being said, it seems a bit unclear as to whether or not the products sold by other countries will need to abide by the manufacturing laws set forth by the TPD.

What is for sure?

One thing that you can be sure of is that some E-cig products will, without a doubt continue to be offered online, both by UK companies and by companies from outside of the UK. Disposable cig-a-likes, which are basically unaffected by the TPD, are one example.

But some other products are going to have a much more difficult time surviving if Brexit doesn’t happen fast. For example, most normal egos, box mods, and other similar vape pens will be rendered illegal by the new rules, which will keep businesses from selling them after May of 2017.

The good news, however, is that you’ll still be able to buy some eliquids and E-cigs from companies who are future-proofing their products. This is an incredibly expensive process, and it’s a bit unclear as to exactly which types of products will be affected – but all in all, vaping will not disappear from the face of the UK as a result of the rules.

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Some companies will simply be forced to close up shop, as the regulations are far more detrimental to businesses than to individual vapers – but really, when all things are put into perspective, it seems that determined vapers will still have quite a bit of room in which to buy and use E-cig products – though they are going to have some option changes coming down the pipe very quickly.

Attention! For vapers, here is what you need to know. If you want to stock up on E-liquids or E-cigs that won’t be allowed by the TPD, then you’re going to have to do so before May 20th of 2017. This is when all non-compliant merchandise will need to be pulled from the shelves.

This is why a lot of people believe that products like mechanical mods (which will be able to survive after the ban because they only require a few things to keep them going – all of which will still be available after the ban) will skyrocket in sales as the ban approaches, as these products, while more difficult to use, will at least give vapers something to invest in that will last them for more than a year or two.

Hopefully, after Brexit is fully accomplished, E-cigs will return in all of their full glory. But until then, the EU’s TDP is certainly going to put a damper on the economic environment in the vaping world. That’s for sure!

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