MPs Support Vaping

UK MPs Supporting Vaping

Published On November 16, 2017 | By Nicole | Press

You might have heard by about MPs debating the virtues of vaping in the house of commons. As is the case with most things in the world, there are people on both sides of the argument. What the media may not have told you though is that the MPs who weren’t against vaping tended to be both in the minority and were working with opinion rather than facts.

Same Old Slurs

Most of the negative arguments that were made were based around the same falsehoods you’ve heard time and time again. You know the one, vaping is a gateway into smoking. It is attractive to children and it will cause them to move from vaping to smoking. The usual baseless opinions that can’t be backed up. The claims became more strange as the debate went on with one MP, Sandy Martin talking in relation to a report about whether vaping helps smokers quit, claiming that

“it would be sensible to wait for the report to be published in three years’ time before making major interventions that might encourage pregnant women to start vaping when they are not already smoking?”

To cite a report that hasn’t been made yet as an argument against vaping is a shady trick, but one that was easily dealt with by Gareth Johnson, the MP who began the debate. In reply to Sandy Martin, Gareth Johnson informed him that asking pregnant women to wait three years for a report was a problem and he preferred for the debate to use just facts and evidence rather than a dislike for vaping based on the misleading idea that they are part of the tobacco industry.

Fighting Slurs with Facts

Fortunately the pro vaping MPs didn’t resort to some of the childish back biting that some debates can descend into. You have surely seen the thinly veiled insults that dominate Prime Minister’s questions. Gareth Johnson replied with a number of quotes from highly respected institutions that actually have carried out research, rather than citing reports that have not been concluded yet.

Gareth cited Cancer Research UK who say that “the evidence so far shows that e-cigarettes are much safer”, they also said that “evidence shows that e-cigarettes are helping people stop smoking” and the British Heart Foundation who said

“they can be a useful tool for harm reduction and to stop smoking.”

These are all quotes that you won’t see in the media. Vaping is currently being unfairly lumped in with the tobacco industry and news outlets are doing nothing to help dispel this myth. Fortunately some MPs are attempting to reverse the bias and they are basing their opinions on facts and evidence.

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The Youth Vaping Lie

Possibly the most interesting comment that came out of the MPs debate was from The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health, Steve Brine. A regular arrow that is aimed in the direction of vaping is that it acts as a gateway for young people to smoke. Steve Brine, attacked this aspersion head on and with a vigour that is nothing if not admirable.

By pointing out that advertising and promotion of e-cigarettes is prohibited in the media it limits the exposure that children and young people have to the promotion of e-cigarettes. He also mentioned the banning of selling a vape to an under 18. His smoking gun comment was the one that really stopped Sandy Martin in his tracks though. Mr Brine commented

“…regular e-cigarette use is confined almost entirely to young people who have smoked, so it is the gateway out as opposed to the gateway in.”

It’s excellent to know that the man who has a large amount of influence over how vaping is treated by the government in this country is up to date on the facts and not being influenced by hearsay and rumour. You may not get told this in the media, in fact apart from a fleeting mention of vaping in the description for the video of the debate on the BBC iPlayer website, there is no mention of how MPs reacted in such a positive manner towards vaping.

Happy Ending

Gareth Johnson was the man who opened the debate and his ending to the debate was an extremely positive note to end on. While thanking the various people who added to the debate he also made sure to comment

“Vaping could save millions of lives worldwide. It should therefore be looked at very seriously.”

The number of MPs supporting vaping currently is incredibly good news for you and your friends. If the current support keeps up, and the evidence in support of vaping keeps mounting up, then you shouldn’t have any worries in the future in regard to overzealous taxation.

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