Undeniable Benefits of Vaping

Undeniable Benefits of Vaping

Published On November 28, 2016 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

I’ve been vaping for a long time. I’ve also done my fair share of smoking. But even more than that, I’ve spent a lot of time around smokers. Some of my closest friends are smokers, and some of them smoke regularly – on a day-to-day basis.

But I also have very close friends who vape – so I’ve experienced the entire spectrum, both for myself and also in spending time around the people that matter the most to me.

I’ve also been writing about E-cigs for close to 4 years now – so I’ve been lucky enough to get the opportunity to spend quite a bit of time researching and learning about them in my day-to-day life.

All of this exposure to E-cigs, cigarettes, and the void that exists between the two of them has actually become a very important part of my life. Not only am I passionate about the entire discussion – but I would also call myself educated. I’m certainly not ignorant, and probably know more about E-cigs than the average person on the street does.

And in all of this – after reading articles, blogs, and scientific studies, vaping on my own, and interacting with friends who smoke and friends who vape (and some who switched from smoking to vaping at some point along their journey), I’ve come to realize that there are some truly undeniable benefits to vaping. Granted, E-cigs might not be perfect – but there is also some absolute truth to the idea that E-cigs do provide some benefits, and in this article, I’m going to share with you the undeniable benefits that I’ve personally and professionally found to be true.

Vaping is less expensive

Vaping is, without a doubt, cheaper than cigarettes. Some people don’t think that it is, because when they look at the startup costs associated with some types of vaping products, they get overwhelmed. It’s also true that vaping can be expensive, if you choose to buy the most expensive products and do it inefficiently. But for the budget minded person, there is really no comparison. Vaping is, without a doubt, about 70% cheaper than smoking if you buy the right equipment and don’t mind doing things economically.

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Vaping tastes better

Some people legitimately like the taste of tobacco. For example, I have a friend who loves the taste of a good cigar. I also have a friend who really enjoys the taste of a good pipe. I myself enjoy the taste of a good hookah.

But the vast majority of people don’t really smoke because they like the taste of it. They smoke because it gives them nicotine, helps them to be less-stressed, and because the act of smoking has become a ritual that means something to them.

With all this being said, I have literally only talked to a very small percent of people who don’t like the taste of vaping more. Even I – who absolutely loves a good, fruity-flavoured hookah – prefer quality E-liquids to the smoky tobacco fumes at the end of the day. My friends who love cigars and pipes are the same way.

Vaping doesn’t make you feel as bad on a day-to-day basis

Almost every smoker I’ve ever talked to has complained about how bad smoking makes them feel. They say that it makes their lungs feel weird, takes away from their cardiovascular endurance, and makes them feel a little bit sick.

I’ve also heard many of my vaping-convert friends talk about how vaping has helped them to completely eliminate these common side effects. They say that vaping has made them feel ‘well’ again – and that it gives them a way to enjoy nicotine without the nasty, gross side effects that cigarettes cause.

But my friends aren’t the only ones who claim that this is true. This is what the vast majority of people say across the board – and certainly seems to be based completely in fact.

Vaping can most definitely act as an alternative to tobacco cigarette use

I realize that electronic cigarettes can’t actually be advertised as smoking cessation products unless they’ve gone through the appropriate medical licensing. But it’s also important that people understand that vaping can absolutely act as an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. I know that some people worry that they might act as a gateway device for smoking, but the difference between the two is so pronounced that it’s difficult to imagine this ever being the case.

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A lot of people actually don’t want to smoke anymore after trying E-cigs – and they end up enjoying vaping so much that if they do break down and buy a pack of cigarettes, they quickly give them up again to get back to vaping, mostly because the flavour of cigarettes is so bad when you compare them to even marginally-flavoured E-liquids.

Vaping offers an interesting ‘hobby-like’ aspect that cigarettes don’t

Vaping is more of an actual hobby than smoking. People who smoke pipes or hookah might be able to relate to this a little bit – but vaping is really a thing of its own in this respect. People who vape rather seriously spend a lot of time choosing new and different tanks, batteries, coils, mods, and other options to get the most out of their liquids – and some people even mix their own E-liquids.

At any rate, vaping can certainly be a hobby all by itself – and a lot of people come to enjoy this aspect of it quite a bit.

How about you? Are there any benefits to vaping that you’ve come to notice since beginning the habit? If so, feel free to leave a comment and tell us about them!

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