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Should You Vape Around Your Children?

Published On September 19, 2014 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

Should You Vape Around Your Children?

A big discussion about this topic has developed online, and many people are weighing in with their own opinions. Should you vape around your children? It seems like a simple enough question, though there are a lot of different viewpoints that get thrown around in the midst of it. Some believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with vaping around their children, while others think that such a thing should never be done.

But what does the science say? What are the cruxes of the arguments?

Here are some of the main points of contention. Maybe with these points all laid out in one place, you will be able to come to your own conclusions about whether or not you think that adults should vape while their children are in the same room.


Argument #1… You should not vape around your children because there is no way of knowing exactly what the risks are

This is probably the biggest reason for why people believe that vaping around children is not a good idea. Since vaping is currently not heavily regulated (this would change in 2016—though that milestone is still a ways away), there is no way to know for sure exactly what is in the E-liquid. Even if businesses list their ingredients on the label, there is nothing to keep them from omitting something that could be dangerous.

This is not to say that such things actually happen in the E-cig industry—but it is something that people do get nervous about.


Argument #2… It’s fine to vape around children because vaping is safe

While there have been some more recent medical statements made about vaping and about how it might not be as safe as people once thought, these statements are usually characterized by ‘maybes’, ‘mights’, and ‘possiblys’. In other words, the statements talk about how E-cigs are ‘probably’ not as safe as we think they are, though there are many vapers who remain unconvinced.

Proponents of this argument say that E-cigs have not at all been proven to be dangerous, and that vaping around the children is not a problem.

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Our official stance on this argument is that vaping around children is probably not the best idea, as exposing their young lungs to something that has not been studied in the long term is a needless risk, even if it is a small one—though it is understandable that some people will have a different viewpoint.


Argument #3… You should not vape around children because it could teach them to smoke

While vaping and smoking are two different things, many people actually believe that vaping could be a ‘gateway’ habit that could give kids the impression that smoking is normal and ok to do. There are definitely two sides to this argument, though, and the results are far from definitive.

If this is something that concerns you, than vaping around your children is probably not a good idea.


Argument #4… It’s fine to vape around your children because secondhand vapour contains far fewer ‘dangerous’ components than firsthand vapour

This argument really goes in the same direction as argument #2. Some studies have indeed shown that nicotine, for example, exists in much lesser quantities in secondhand vapour than it does firsthand—though again, there is probably not sufficient evidence to say for sure either way.

There is no doubt as to the fact that vaping produces safer and cleaner secondhand fumes than smoking. It is mostly a question of whether there is any risk or not. Right now, such a question is very difficult to answer because, in all honesty, we just don’t know for sure yet.


Argument #5… You should not vape around children because doing so affects their living space

While vaping is far less intrusive than smoking, it still creates vapour and you can usually still smell it. Even though we don’t necessarily have definitive proof that vaping is truly ‘dangerous’ in the long run, is it really fair to expose children to it when they don’t have a say in the matter?

Children are usually too young to really understand what they are consenting to when it comes to vaping, so many people feel that it is unfair to put them into a position where they have no choice but to inhale it, even if it might be completely safe.

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Argument #6…  Vaping around your children is fine because vaping is much safer than smoking

While basically everyone agrees with the second part of this statement, vaping around your kids just because vaping is safer than smoking is probably not advisable. If there is any danger whatsoever (and there might be—even if it is mild), then vaping around your children is not going to be a non-issue.



Vaping is a much healthier habit than smoking, and in the future it might help millions to quit their tobacco habits altogether. But just because E-cigs are great for adults who want to get away from cigarettes does not make them ok to vape indoors around children.

When you add up all of these arguments, you end up with some varied conclusions—though one thing seems to be pretty clear. You really cannot go wrong by choosing to go outside or into the other room to vape when your children are around.

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