VapeEscape review

Vape Escape Review

Published On September 2, 2015 | By Nicole | Brands

Introduction – Vape Escape Review

Vape Escape is, as the company calls itself, ‘your one-stop-shop for vaping devices and supplies.’ I’ve actually been looking more into these types of companies lately, in an attempt to ‘expand my horizons’ in the vaping world – and I wasn’t disappointed with Vape Escape. They sell a wide variety of different types of E-liquid and E-cigs, as well as a plethora of accessories and supplies.

Like many other such websites that’ve been popping up lately, Vape Escape offers products from many manufacturers instead of just their own brand – which makes them more of an ‘online retail storefront’ with a lot of options to choose from, as opposed to a manufacturer with just one brand.

But are they worth the time? Is the selection worth the money, or are you better off spending your hard-earned cash someplace else?

These are all great questions, and in this review we’re going to discuss what I found over the course of my research.

I’ll say right now that the website was pretty awesome. At first I thought it looked a bit ‘old fashioned’ for my liking – but my opinion quickly changed once I got used to it. I think it has a modern ‘techie’ flair to it, which makes it interesting and easy to browse. It’s also extremely easy to find what you’re looking for, thanks to the well-laid-out categories and pages.

Positives and Negatives

Here are the basic pros and cons that I discovered about Vape Escape.


  • Their products are high in quality
  • Their goods are offered at fair prices
  • They carry quite a few different E-liquid flavours
  • Their selection is pretty good
  • They offer several different types of starter kits


  • They don’t really have a money back guarantee to speak of
  • Some customers have complained that customer service isn’t very good

What products/accessories can be purchased?

Visitors to this website will find an impressive variety of product categories to browse. Here’s a list of just some of the categories made available to Vape Escape customers.

  • Basic Vaping Kits
  • Deluxe Vaping Kits
  • E-Liquids
  • Grizwald’s Gourmet Liquids
  • Vaping Spares
  • Mods & Advanced
  • Mixology
  • Clearance
  • And more

Of course, I was pretty interested in finding out about their starter kits – and I wasn’t disappointed. They offer quite a few different brands, and seem to provide basic starter kits at affordable prices. Their Esmart Mini Blister Kit, for example, costs just £14.95. You can buy an Evod MEGA 1900 starter kit for £23.95, and a disposable NJOY KING cig-a-like for £5.99.

The prices are definitely competitive – and I was more than impressed with the wide range of different products available.

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Package and design

The packaging on these products seemed to be fine. Really nothing to complain about as far as I could tell. The designs were also good. Nothing too fancy, but also nothing that didn’t look good. I really didn’t see a product that I wouldn’t want to be seen with – which is definitely a positive thing.

VapeEscape Vape Pens

E-cigs are definitely looking better and better all the time – and this website seems to reflect this by keeping their pages well-stocked with new and popular products.

User reviews

In researching user reviews for this company, I came up with some mixed results. The majority of reports were positive, but I definitely found some negative feedback as well. Most of the negative reviews that I heard seemed to have to do with customer service. Some customers said that they were ‘rude’, and didn’t seem happy with the service that they received.

Of course, these negative reviews were much less common than the positive ones – but I found enough of them that I decided that it might be worthwhile to say something.

Product choice

Product choice on Vape Escape’s website is very good. They carry a truly impressive array of products – ranging from disposables, to mods, to everything in between. They even carry mixology supplies – which is definitely a bit rare, even for larger E-cig supply websites.


I found that the E-liquids offered on Vape Escape are a bit less expensive than they are on some other sites that I’ve been reviewing recently – which is definitely a positive thing. They also carry a pretty wide range of flavours, including regular choices like tobacco and an array of specialty options as well – making them a fantastic choice for anyone interested in finding a ‘new vape’ for their E-cig.

VapeEscape e-liquids

They also carry a selection of gourmet E-liquid flavours. These are called Grizwald’s Gourmet Liquids, and offer some exotic specialty flavours that even the most experienced vapers will appreciate.

Nicotine levels

Most of the E-liquids offered by come in four different nicotine strengths: 8mg Low, 18mg Medium, 24mg High, and Zero Nicotine.

About the company

Vape Escape calls themselves a ‘one stop shop’ for vaping devices and supplies. They maintain a Facebook and an official website. Their Facebook page has garnered over 5,000 likes – meaning that this is definitely a company that’s gotten some attention.

This company provides a phone number, a fax number, a postal address, several email addresses, and an email contact form for inquiries and customer support. There have been a few complaints made online about the quality of their customer service – but all in all, they seem to have a pretty positive reputation.
Orders over £40 are delivered for free within the UK. Beyond this, standard postage for all orders is £1.99.
It seems that returns are only accepted by Vape Escape if the product is faulty – so there really isn’t a set money back guarantee that I can see. I definitely like to see more customer-friendly return policies – so this is probably a bit of a negative for me. I would love to see a 30 day money back no-hassle guarantee, or something like that – but I didn’t really find anything like that on the official site.


Value for the money

Yes, this company definitely offers value for the money. They offer some great products, and seem to do a good job of keeping prices to a minimum. I was a bit disappointed at their lack of a quality money back guarantee, but I guess this could be overlooked if you’re looking for quality products at a great price.

Running Costs

You can buy a 10ml bottle of E-liquid from Vape Escape for £4.95 – which is honestly a pretty reasonable price.


Vape Escape definitely deserves a look – especially if you’re in the market for something new or interesting. They have a big enough selection to keep things fresh, while at the same time offering some pretty good deals on industry-standard gear.

Their line of gourmet E-liquids is also pretty fancy! If you’re into that type of thing, then they definitely have some things to offer that other E-liquid retailers might not carry.

I was a bit disappointed by the lack of a money-back guarantee, but I’m also pretty impressed by their selection of E-cig flavours. All in all, I honestly believe that they deserve a shot at your business – so if you’re thinking about buying some new E-cig products or think that you might want to try some new E-liquid flavours, then I would definitely consider giving Vape Escape a try!


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  1. DEREK A HARRIS. says:

    I have tried to find flavour Deluxe 8mg with no success,maybe you can. Ever since Vape Escape changed address,I’ve had a no go.

  2. Nicole says:

    Hi Derek! Their page won’t even load for me at the moment and this is the second time I’m trying to open their site in the last week or so. I’ll try again in a few days.

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