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Vape Superstore Review

Published On February 15, 2016 | By Nicole | Brands

Vape Superstore Review

Vape Superstore operates a rather successful and large-scale on-line vaping storefront. They carry a wide range of vaping equipment, offer many of the most popular US and UK brands, and seem to do a great job of appealing to consumers (based on Facebook Reviews of their business, anyway!).

As we began to research this website, we realized that there are a lot of good reasons to do business with them. They seem professional, and also seem to carry the types of products that modern vapers are looking for. They do an awesome job with shipping and delivery as well – which is a must!

Pros and Cons

Here are the initial pros and cons that we discovered while researching this website.


  • They offer a wide range of different E-cig products and starter kits
  • The prices are very good
  • They carry a huge selection of E-liquids
  • They offer free shipping on orders totaling £20 or more
  • They seem to have excellent customer reviews


  • There are some incomplete sections on the website (the about us page was missing)
  • The return policy could be a bit more customer-friendly

What products/accessories can be purchased?

Vape Superstore offers a pretty impressive array of different products. As far as starter kits are concerned, they do an awesome job of offering different kits in different price ranges, and seem to carry a pretty diverse range of box mods, personal vaporizers, and vape pens.

At first, I was actually expecting to see higher prices on this website – just because it seemed (at first) to cater more toward brand-name products and higher-end equipment. But I quickly realized that they actually offer some super-affordable starter kits as well.

They also carry a lot of different E-liquid flavors in a huge range of brands – but we’ll talk more about this later.

This is also a great place to buy tanks. They even carry sub-ohm tanks, which is awesome.

Product that stands out

Kanger Subox Mini E-cig Starter KitThere were so many awesome products on this site that I had a tough time just choosing one. After a bit of browsing, I decided that the Kanger Subox Mini E-cig Starter Kit was probably the product that stood out as the one I’d be the most interested in – mostly because it’s an awesome box mod starter kit that’s being offered at a super-affordable price.

As a sub-ohm vaping kit that comes with practically everything required to get started, we truly felt that it offered just about as much quality for the money as any other product on the website.

Packaging and design

The packaging on the products seems functional, and gets the job done nicely. We didn’t find anything in this category to complain about.

As far as the designs are concerned, we were certainly impressed with both the products and the website. Many of the E-cigs offered on this site are name-brand, and the website did an excellent job of showing viewers what they looked like through graphics and photos.

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Device packaging

The web design of the site itself really seemed flawless as well. The pages all worked well (with the exception of the about us page – which, unfortunately, didn’t seem to be complete as of the time that this review was written), and the graphics seemed well-made and professionally laid out.

All things considered, they seem to be doing a good job in this category.

User Reviews

One of the best sources for user-reviews that we discovered for this site was their Facebook page. Here’s what one customer had to say about them.

“Great prices, superb quality products, quick turnaround and delivery + terrific deals? YOU BET!! Five stars not enough guys EXCELLENT.” – Gavin, on the VapeSuperstore Facebook Page

We actually haven’t found that many customer reviews online thus-far, leading me to believe that this is either a relatively new company or a company that hasn’t had a huge online audience up until now. Their Facebook page seems to have been founded back in 2012, but it also seems like they didn’t start to post a lot until 2015 – which would explain the ‘newness’, and the subsequent limited number of reviews.

But of the reviews I’ve seen, they all seem positive – which is a good sign.

Product choice

The product choices on this website were truly superb. They offer a ton of different starter kits, and more specialty E-liquid flavors than you could probably ever try. They also offer some incredible prices on tanks and clearomizers.

If you’re looking for a starter kit or for some accessories to add to what you already have, then this is definitely a good place to go.


Here are just a few of the brands that you can buy at…

  • Vape Superstore
  • Beard Vape Co.
  • Breakfast Club E-Juice
  • Clutch Vapors
  • Cosmic Fog Premium Vapors
  • Frisco Vapor
  • Drakes Vapes
  • And many, many more!

Of course, with so many brands available, you should have any problem locating a flavor that you like.

Personally, I felt that the value offered by the Vape Superstore brand was hard to beat, as you can buy 10ml bottles of this brand for only £3.99.

Nicotine Levels

It seems like most of the flavors carried by the Vape Superstore come in nicotine levels ranging from 1.4mg to 24mg.

About the Company

Unfortunately, the About Us section of the website had a ‘coming soon’ sign up in place of any content – which led us to believe that their bio is probably still under construction.

We did, however, located this on their home page – which seems to do a good job of explaining what they strive to offer their customers.

“The Vape Superstore’s vast range of E-Liquids and vaping equipment comes in a variety of options catering to all levels of expertise – from starter kits for those new to vaping through to mods and tanks for the veteran vapers.”

Here’s what we were able to locate in terms of customer support information.

Under the Contact Us section of the website, we found an email contact form that you can use to get-in-touch with the company. Within this form is room for a telephone number – so if you wish to speak with them on the phone, it would appear that adding your own phone number and requesting a call-back would work the best.

This company offers free shipping on orders totaling £20 or more – which is awesome.
The warranty/return policy on this website seemed to be a pretty standard ‘return if faulty or damaged upon arrival’ type of policy. It seems to protect the customer from damaged goods – but it also seems to be a bit less ‘customer friendly’ than a no-hassle money back guarantee would be.

Value for the money

This company certainly offers value for the money – especially where their starter kits and E-liquids are concerned. Some of their starter kits are very, very affordable – which I found surprising.

With how attractive their website is, it wouldn’t have surprised me to see high prices. And yet – they offered kits in just about every price range – which earns them some huge kudos and a bit thumbs-up from us!

Running costs

You can buy a 10ml bottle of E-liquid from the Vape Superstore for £3.99 – which isn’t bad at all.


In the end, we really felt that the Vape Superstore offers enough value to attract customers in any price range or experience level. Beginners will find some awesome starter kits at affordable prices, and more experienced vapers will find box mods and personal vaporizers to suit nearly every taste.

Granted, their return policy could be a bit more ‘customer friendly’, and we would have liked to see more information about the company and its history on the website – but these are pretty small negatives when you take into account the diverse range of products offered and the overall positive reputation that the company seems to have carved out for itself thus-far.

If you’re looking for E-cigs and don’t want to waste your time with a company that can’t deliver on what you’re looking for, then we would definitely recommend that you give the Vape Superstore a try! For more company’s that we recommend shopping on, see our discount code page.

4.33/5 (3)

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4 Responses to Vape Superstore Review

  1. Erica says:

    Decent company! Bought an Aspire Nautilus kit from them a while ago, still have it and haven’t had any issues. I’d buy from them again.

  2. Shen Osborn says:

    Bought innokin endura from them for my missus. Good piece but there was a bit of a delay with the shipping.

  3. joanne wallace says:

    Thanks for review, food for thought.

  4. Ed says:

    Great website, loads of new products added recently and shipping was quick. Also like the free eliquid offer, great way of trying new flavours.

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