Ex Smokers Gaining Weight

Can Vaping Prevent Ex Smokers From Gaining Weight

Published On February 20, 2018 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

One of the most common reasons that people smoked for in years gone by was as a weight loss aid. The smoking of a cigarette helped to curb the desire for snacks and other unhealthy foods. Of course this was before the evidence about the dangers of smoking were common knowledge. So, when people did quit smoking they tended to use food as a replacement for the cigarettes they once smoked, and the weight began to pile on. Of course the various NRT devices that have been on the market attempted to bridge that gap but their general lack of effectiveness made it a difficult task.

Once vaping became a more viable solution for quitting the crutch of smoking then it also allowed for smokers to avoid the previously inevitable weight gain problem. Instead of snacking on junk food to try and stave off their cravings ex smokers can now use the relief of vaping as a way to manage their cravings and avoid the perils of snacks. While this may make complete sense, without any kind of research into this it is just a theory without basis. Which is why it is good news for vapers that a new study shows that vaping does indeed help to keep the weight off.

Keep the Weight Off With Vaping

Vaping to keep weight off

The study from New Zealand does back up all of the common sense claims that can be made about vaping. By helping you to deal with your nicotine cravings in a safer way than by smoking cigarettes it doesn’t just help you to quit smoking but it also stops you from raiding the fridge whenever you feel like you need nicotine. This in turn helps you to keep the weight off and ensure that when you give up cigarettes for a healthier lifestyle you don’t take on other habits that ruin all the good work quitting smoking has done.

It doesn’t end there either. The study also showed that the variety of flavours that many e-liquids offer also help to keep cravings for foods at bay. So it isn’t just the nicotine craving that is pushed to the side when vaping it is also any cravings for food that you may have. This is due to the variety of fruity flavours and special e-liquids that are available through suppliers. These help to target potential sweet cravings that vapers may have and stops them from eating desserts.

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This doesn’t just help with when it comes to fighting weight gain, but it can also help to stave off other issues like diabetes purely by limiting the sugar intake that people take in. This helps vapers maintain a better standard of health across the board, as well as ensuring they don’t succumb to the obesity curse that many ex smokers succumb to.

While vaping can and does help limit the amount of snacking that you will do once you make the switch, you will still be taking in more calories than usual. Some of the more specialised e-liquids will have a high sugar content and calorific content.

While there are no studies currently on the market that shows how, where and in what quantities the calories and nutrients from e-liquids are absorbed by the body it is naive to think that the calories from the e-liquids are all expelled when exhaling. While the body may not be taking in all of the calories from the sweeter e-liquids on the market, it will still be taking in some of them, which means that vaping will slightly increase the calorie count when you first make the switch over from smoking.

Still Helps to Keep the Pounds Off

Switch to ecigs

Of course, this doesn’t invalidate the earlier points because if you are staving off cravings for sweet foods via the use of a sweet e-liquid then the minor calorie increase you will suffer from vaping will be more than cancelled out by the decrease in the number of cream cakes you are eating. This means that it is actually possible to not just keep the weight off when you’re vaping, but to actually lose weight when you first make the switch.

All of this just proves that vaping isn’t just good for your heart and lungs, but it is also good for the amount of body fat you are carrying as well. This means that in terms of looking after your health there is no better choice you can make than giving up smoking and moving to vaping. No longer does quitting smoking mean that you will instantly begin to gain weight, in the modern world vaping is the answer to your quitting smoking dreams as well as keeping you looking just as good as you did in your 20s well into your 30s and 40s.

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