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Vaping, Then And Now: Part 2

Published On November 8, 2017 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

The Beginning Of The Mainstream Movement, Part 2 (Continued from the previous post)

As more and more people started to vape, it slowly started to become the ‘cool’ thing to do. I’m not sure if you remember or not, but a lot of memes on social media started to pop up… making fun of how serious some people were about their vaping setup!

These were the glory days, when there was really little to no legislation pertaining to vaping on any of the books… in the UK or the US. This led to a sort of ‘wild west’ mentality, where companies had free reign to innovate and come up with new products, liquids, and trends without being bogged down by a lot of legal restrictions.

In a very real sense, vaping had grown so fast that legislation had still not caught up with it… and the results were truly magnificent.

More and more people switched over to vaping. Products were cheap, and such a wide variety of awesome vaping pens and equipment were available that basically anyone could vape without spending a ton of money.

But the products weren’t just cheap. They were also reliable. There was a lot of quality back then, especially among the brands that had risen to the top.

And most of these vaping companies were not owned by big tobacco… which was amazing. They were mostly small operations, and the vaping industry boomed as they grew and supplied an entire new sector of consumers with a cutting-edge product.

The Beginning Of The End Of The ‘Wild West’ Period For Vaping

I think that vaping took its first real blow back when the TPD was announced by the European Union. This would make the first time major legislation in the UK would hinder the ability of some companies to provide liquids and equipment, and things started to slow down a bit.

Mirroring this situation was a much more distressing one in the US, where big tobacco literally began to use their immense, almost monopolistic power to sway the FDA to adopt new rules regarding E-cigs. Regulations were drafted that would govern the use, development, and sales of vaping gear across the board, and the marketing methods that could be employed by vaping companies in both the UK and the US began to see limitations.

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Incidentally, it seemed to be mostly fear that drove these legal barriers into place. Fear was running rampant back then (this just a scant year to two years ago) about minors, and the idea that vaping could be used as a gateway device to get teens hooked on cigarettes became the ‘peddled propaganda’ of choice for E-cig opponents.

Despite a serious lack of evidence, the media hyped this up to create a true sense of fear about vaping, and the public, it seems, began to buy it enough to step out of the way once the legislation rolled into place. This was especially true in the United States, where vaping was hit the hardest by what seemed to be utterly ridiculous laws that would narrowly restrict any but the most powerful of companies from building any new vaping equipment.

But Vaping Kept Moving Forward

Despite these difficulties, vaping continued to see innovation – and it was during these darker periods, at the close of what was perhaps the ‘golden era’ of vaping, that we really started to see some of the most incredible vaping technology yet.

Box mods began to see extraordinary developments. Batteries got better, tanks got better, coils became more and more efficient, and temperature control vaping became the new ‘normal.’

Vaping devices built to stand the test of time were hitting the market as fast as ever, and companies were responding to the fears of exploding E-cigs with some of the best safety standards yet.

Vaping In The Future

It is hard to know for sure what the future holds for vaping, but one thing that we can all be sure of is that it will never go away. Whether it be the hobbyist, who builds himself a mechanical mod in his garage and mixes his own E-liquid, or the soccer-mom who buys disposable cig-a-likes to help her quit smoking because she doesn’t wish to expose her children to the harmful effects of secondary tobacco smoke, vaping will continue to hold an important place in our culture.

And, to be quite fair, it has really created a culture all of its own. It has become immeasurably important to a lot of different people, and while vaping, as a pop-culture phenomenon, may have leveled out a bit… I believe we can rest assured that it will continue to hold a very important and helpful place in the lives of people who are seeking a better, less-harmful alternative to traditional tobacco products.

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