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Published On October 20, 2015 | By Nicole | Brands

Vapour UK Review is an E-cig supply company that maintains a pretty attractive website and carries a lot of different types of electronic cigarette products. I honestly hadn’t heard of them until just recently, so it would seem that they may be new to the market – though I’ve already had the privilege of reviewing several of their products, and have found nothing but good things.

It’s always nice when a new E-cig company pops up. This is the kind of thing that the market needs. New competition and new products always pave the way to better deals for us – people like you and I – the people who buy vaping supplies on a regular basis.

Vapour CO UK Review

First things first – I was impressed with how the website looked at first glance. The layout was businesslike and easy to follow. The colors were easy on the eyes, and the company seems to do a good job of showing shoppers what types of products are available through the use of banners and graphics. I was instantly impressed with how many different types of box mods this company carries! If you’re looking for a box mod, then may definitely end up being a number-one supplier!

This company carries a truly impressive variety of products – so let’s get a bit more in-depth and talk about that.

Positives and Negatives

Here are the basic pros and cons that I discovered over the course of my research.


  • Good prices
  • A great selection of products
  • They offer free shipping in the UK on orders of £20 or more
  • They carry a lot of E-liquid options
  • This company carries some truly professional and high-quality merchandise


  • They don’t really maintain a ‘money back guarantee’ on their products – which would have been nice to see. They’ll let you return items within 14 days if they are unused and in resalable condition – but not if you tried it and didn’t like it.
  • There wasn’t much information about the company itself provided on the website. Besides a simple ‘about us’ section and a very brief history, I didn’t learn much about who runs it or how it got started.

What products/accessories can be purchased?

There are a lot of products available on this website – though they seem to sell a lot of different vape pens and box mods. They also carry a wide selection of different E-liquids.

Here’s a quick list of the main pages that you can click to on

  • E-cig starter kits
  • E-liquid
  • Rebuildables
  • Accessories
  • New Arrivals
  • Coming Soon

The E-cig starter kits are usually what I look at first – and I definitely wasn’t disappointed by what I found. I was presented with a pretty decently-sized selection of different vape pens and box mods – all of which seemed to come from reputable brands and with enough accessories to get a new vaper started. At first glance, a lot of the kits offered on this website might seem expensive – but after reviewing it more carefully, I came to determine that they seemed a bit higher in price because carries a lot of high-tech, name-brand products.

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You’re definitely getting what you pay for here. They don’t seem to carry anything ‘cheap’ or trashy. Their products are high in quality, and their starter kits seem to provide a lot of value for the money.

Package and design

The packaging of the products seems pretty straightforward. I definitely didn’t find anything to complain about in this category.

Kanger Subox Nano Starter Kit

(We’re currently reviewing their provided box mod and will post video here once it’s ready. It will be later this week!)

As far as the design of the website goes, I really liked it – and I actually plan to order some E-liquids from them too in pretty short order (that’s how much I liked them)!

User reviews

It was a bit difficult to find customer reviews about this company – probably because they’re sort of new to the scene. There aren’t even that many comments on their Facebook page, and they have less than 200 likes (not a big deal of course) – which seems to indicate that they haven’t been open for business for a very long time.

I have no doubt that there will be a ton of positive reviews about this company all over the internet within the next year, though. They’re pretty fantastic, in my honest opinion.

An update, a few new reviews that we found are as follows:

Vapour reviews

Product choice

Product choice on this website is pretty good. They don’t offer any cig-a-like options that I saw – but then again, they seem to be appealing to a different audience. Their products are more high-tech, and will probably be more readily accepted by vaping enthusiasts and people who have basically left smoking analog cigarettes behind.

So if you’re looking for a  cig-a-like or E-cig mini, then this may not be the company for you.


On, you can browse E-liquid options either by brand, by USA manufacturers, by UK manufacturers, or by flavour. Once you start browsing, you’ll be truly impressed at the huge variety E-liquid options offered by this company. They offer all kinds of different brands, and so many different flavours within each of these – providing you with an almost endless supply of choices.

Vapour e-liquid

It would take you a long, long time to try everything that they have to offer – that’s for sure!

Nicotine levels

With so many E-liquids to choose from, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to find just about any nicotine strength that you could possibly desire.

About the company is, according to the ‘about us’ section of their website, ‘a premier online destination for all your electronic cigarette and E-liquid supplies.’

Here’s the official business address for this company.

Vapour UK

Unit 5

27 Sackville Street


M1 3LZ

United Kingdom
As far as the ‘history’ of the company is concerned, their website says that they are a family-run business ‘with over 8 years of vaping experience’ between them. They say that they’ve been involved in the E-cig industry since back in 2010.

This website supplies an email address that you can use to contact them for questions, comments, or inquiries. They definitely seem to care about customer service. In fact, in the small ‘about us’ section that they maintain on the site, they talk about it quite a bit. The language that they use on the website also seems to be pretty customer-friendly, and they even say that ‘customer service is paramount.’ offers free shipping on orders over £20. does offer warranties that protect you from faulty equipment. You can find information detailing all of this on the website.

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Unfortunately, they don’t seem to offer a real money back guarantee of any kind – which was sort of disappointing to me. I really like to see E-cig companies offer that kind of value to their customers – so while I really did like most of what I found out about, I wish that they offered a bit more in terms of a customer-friendly return policy.

Value for the money

Vapour UK company definitely offers value for the money – without a doubt. They offer fantastic prices on name-brand E-cig products. You really can’t beat them where price is concerned. I give them two thumbs up in this category!

Some people, at first glance, may feel like the prices on are too high – but after looking at the products and seeing what they cost on other websites, I really don’t think you would be able to maintain that opinion for long.

Running Costs

You can buy a 10ml bottle of E-liquid on for as little as £4.99 – so it’s definitely affordable to vape using this company as a supplier.


In the end, my opinion of was very high. I would definitely use this company for my E-cig supply needs. In fact, after taking a look at their E-liquids, and as I already mentioned I’m thinking about trying out a few of their flavours – just because I found a few that I’d never heard of before!

If you’re in the market for a new box mod or vape pen, or are simply looking to add some new types of E-liquid to your collection, then this is definitely a website that you’ll want to check out. Their prices are good, their products are awesome, and they do a great job with customer service. All in all, I give them two thumbs up, and highly recommend them as an E-cig supplier for just about anyone who’s looking for a  no-nonsense website to meet their vaping equipment needs.

Visit To Start Shopping For High Tech E-cig Supplies

3.33/5 (6)

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  1. Syed says:

    I bought a device called Aspire Breeze kit from recently. I will not recommend this device and website to anyone i care about. I bought this device here and was delivered as expected, watched a couple videos on youtube and read all the instructions that came with to ensure i do not mess up. I used it for a day and it worked alright until the battery drained out. So i charged it an hour and tried but it did not work. Charged again a couple hours but no luck. I then contacted the customer service and explained everything, their C/S turned out to be a complete nightmare. After many emails back & forth and answering their questions, they offered me to return the device on my own expense and also send them another 4£. If the device was confirmed by them as faulty, they will refund me including postage, if not they will send me the device back. They did not trust me as genuine customer and treated me unfairly, I have now decided not to return it given all the hassle. but will not be shopping here anymore. These do not have a return policy at all, so if you have any problems with these devices (which is a common thing with all the electrical appliances!) do no expect them to return it.

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