vapouriz review

Vapouriz Review

Published On February 13, 2015 | By Nicole | Brands

Vapour UK

Vapouriz Review

Vapouriz is an E-cig company “committed to providing premium quality electronic cigarettes accessories, and e liquids.” They actually produce their products right here in the UK, and call themselves ‘one of the leading brands’.

I will say right away that I was impressed with this company – right from the very beginning. They stock an attractive array of products, seem to offer a lot of value for the money, and maintain a very well-designed website. Their E-cigs definitely have a lot of character – most of them sporting bright colors that set them apart from the usual choices that you tend to have with other E-cig manufacturers. They stock over 65 different flavours of E-liquid as well, which definitely makes them a great option for anyone looking for a new specialty flavour for their Ego or mod.

I had very high hopes for Vapouriz, mostly because their website really appealed to the ‘modern vaper’ in me, and I must say that I wasn’t disappointed. Keep reading my Vapouriz review to find out more.

Positives and Negatives

Here are some of the basic pros and cons of this company and their products.


  • Company maintains a well-designed, attractive, and functional website
  • They make it easy to find information online. Questions are easy to answer thanks to the intuitive and informational format
  • Products are high in quality and are made right here in the UK
  • Prices are surprisingly low
  • Free delivery on orders over £50


  • Some people aren’t crazy about the flavours (this is, however, a personal preference issue above all else)
  • There have been some rare reports of negative customer service experiences

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What products/accessories can be purchased?

Vapouriz carries a pretty decent variety of different products. They carry a few different starter kits, including what they call the Gemini Electric Starter Kit, the EVO Starter Kit, a Vapouriz V PRO Variable Voltage Electronic Cigarette Mod, and a kit called the Vapouriz FUSE Dual Coil E Cigarette Starter Kit.

They also carry a few pro and mod kits, as well as a range of the usual types of accessories (chargers, extra batteries, etc.).

One of my favorite products offered on their website was the FUSE starter kit. The FUSE comes with an EVOD 650mah battery, and ships with 5V circuit protection, a bottom fed dual coil clearomizer, and some incredible battery color options. The kit also includes a charger and a metal case, and costs only £19.99. If I were new to vaping, this is probably the kit that I would order from Vapouriz – just because it seems to offer a lot of value for the money.

Attention! Since we initially reviewed this brand they’ve added a decent selection of box mods and sub ohm vaping gear. Some of the mods that really stand out and differ from the ones we’ve seen on many other sites are: Vapouriz ONE 50w Fixed Watt Mod and their VBOX 50w TC Box Mod.

Vapouriz box mods

Package and design

The packaging on these products seems pretty nice. I actually felt like I was looking at something with a lot of value to it. The colors went together well, and everything seemed sturdy and durable. Of course, packaging isn’t nearly as important as what is inside – but it is nice to know that you’re not going to have to worry about it getting broken before it even arrives.

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Vapouriz starter kits

In this regard, I would say that Vapouriz has done a good job.

As far as the designs of their products are concerned, I give them two thumbs up. I found their E-cigs to be very trendy and stylish, and I was impressed by the range of different color options offered. I definitely wouldn’t be afraid to take these products with me out on the town—and that actually means a lot.

So kudos to Vapouriz for great product designs!

 User Reviews

This company has a pretty big following – so finding user reviews wasn’t difficult at all. On their website, they claim to be “a global provider of electronic cigarette and e liquid products”, which means that finding users willing to share their opinions on the products shouldn’t be a problem – and it wasn’t. I was able to look over quite a few video and written reviews from different customers regarding some of the Vapouriz products, and here’s what I found out.

First of all, the vast majority of feedback was positive. Customers in general rated these products as ‘above average’ in terms of throat hit, taste, vapour production, and overall quality.

There were also a few negatives reported – though these were few and far between. I should also note that, when it comes to negatives, it’s important to remember that companies like Vapouriz have gotten a lot more attention than some of the smaller companies – and with more attention comes a higher likelihood of negative reviews.

First of all, some said that a lot of their flavours left a bit to be desired. I also read one (literally ONE review) that seemed to indicate that the throat hit wasn’t what the user would have liked. I also heard a few very isolated reports of batteries not working very well.

In the end, I was pretty impressed with what users reported. It definitely seems like this company is doing more than a few things right.

Product Choice

The range of product choices was definitely appropriate for a company of this size. Their store wasn’t overwhelming, but it did provide a lot of choices and made the selection process easy. I would say that Vapouriz has struck a very positive balance with their products – offering enough for those of any experience level, while still providing plenty of room for choices and selection.


Vapouriz e-liquidVapouriz definitely goes ‘above and beyond’ where flavour choice is concerned. They carry over 65 different flavours in 5 different nicotine levels, ranging from more ‘traditional’ tobacco options to specialty, fruit, and menthol varieties. There are far too many options available to list in this one review, so make sure to check out their official website for more details.

As far as taste is concerned, we’ve heard a lot of good and a little bit of bad. One reviewer, for example, said that their Strawberry Ice was an incredibly tasty ‘all day vape’ type of flavour – while at the same time stating that he had tried the Blueberry Ice before and didn’t really care for it.

Of course, when it comes to E-liquids, it’s important to remember that everyone is going to have a slightly different opinion about different flavours and brands. Taste is a very personal preference, and differs greatly from person to person.

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Nicotine levels

Most of the Vapouriz E-liquids come in five different nicotine strengths – 0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, and 2.4%.

About the company

Vapouriz is, as they state on their official website, is a company “committed to providing premium quality electronic cigarettes accessories, and e liquids manufactured right here in the UK.”

Vapouriz is actually headquartered in Guildford, which is only thirty minutes from London. They were established in 2011, and seem truly devoted to providing safe and high-quality products to their customers through independent quality control and testing procedures.
Vapouriz can be contacted via telephone, through email, or over social media. They also provide an email form on their website that can be used to send them a message at any time.

According to everything that we’ve discovered, it seems like this company does a great job of providing quality customer service. We’ve heard very few complaints in this area, and have little reason to doubt that you can expect to be treated well should issues arise with your order.

According to the official company website, the baseline shipping option for UK orders will cost you £3.99. EU shipping starts at £5.99, and to ship worldwide will cost you at least £6.99.
Vapouriz batteries come with a 56 day warranty. Clearomizers and cartomizers must be returned within 7 days if they are found to be defective or if there is some other issue with them. Chargers, wall adapter plugs, and charging cases, however, come with a 12 month warranty—which is actually very good.

Value for the money

In my official opinion, I say that Vapouriz definitely offers quality and value for the money. Their products are well made and well designed – and yet, they’re also priced competitively. Many of their Vape pens and E-liquids are also made right here in the UK -which adds to the value and makes many of their deals even better.

Running costs

According to their official website, a 10ml bottle of E-liquid only costs £4.99.


I have to say that I was very impressed with Vapouriz. The more I learned about this company, the better I found their products and services to be. They offered a pretty good selection of E-cigs, a ton of different E-liquid options, fair warranties, and inexpensive prices. Plus, I actually found their E-cig line to be very stylish. I definitely wouldn’t have any qualms about carrying these products around with me for a night out at the club – and that’s definitely a positive. Did you read Jac Vapour review?

I would recommend Vapouriz to vapers of any experience level. They carry something for everyone, and you should make sure to check them out before spending your hard-earned money somewhere else.

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3.8/5 (5)

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4 Responses to Vapouriz Review

  1. Bill Ferguson says:

    On the 1st November last year, my wife and I, who were smokers since we were 14 years old,we are now in our 70’s. I got started with Nicolette gum from 1984 as well as smoking . We visited a little store near us who sold vapouriz products.the gentleman let us try the vanilla 1.8 flavour, which we both liked. We bought the Fuse product. It is now May 25th and we have not touched a cig from that first try, not even the Nicolette gum. What can I say we have saved about two thousand pounds in six months, It is a great product my wife has gone down to the 1.2 nicotine liquid . So there is scope to cut down on the nicotine as we’ll.

    I would certainly recommend this product.

  2. Nicole says:

    Hi Bill, nice to see that you’ve had a good experience with this brand and thanks for sharing it.

  3. Dave Hubling says:

    Extremely DANGEROUS. A vapouriz fuse exploded in my hand causing blistering. It also burnt the carpet when I dropped it. I think it fair to say the company could not give a damn.

    • Nicole says:

      Hi Dave! Sorry for not picking this up any sooner, we had a problem with comment filtering so only just now I noticed this comment. I hope you’re OK and didn’t need a medical attention. You should have gone to one of their stores explaining exactly what happened. I would expect them to care so very frustrating to get such feedback from what seems to be a trustworthy Company. Stay well!

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