vapourlites review

Vapourlites Review

Published On June 6, 2014 | By Nicole | Brands

Introduction – Vapourlites Review

Vapourlites is a UK Ltd company that offers a fairly wide range of vaping products suitable for both new and experienced vapers alike. Electronic cigarettes have gotten more and more popular as of late, mostly due to the fact that they are considered a safer and cleaner alternative to analog cigarettes.

Of course, E-cigs are not really regulated in the UK at this time, but that doesn’t stop Vapourlites from using only UK Grade Pharma E-liquid, which basically means that all of the ingredients used to make the e-liquid are ‘pharmacy grade’.

Vapourlites E-cigs are also free from tar, tobacco, ash, smoke, and odour. They do not let off carbon monoxide, can be used virtually anywhere, and are 80% cheaper than regular cigarettes.

But are they a high quality product that you can count on for consistency and a positive vaping experience? Here is what we found out in our in-depth vapourlites review.

Positives and Negatives

Here are some of the initial pros and cons of Vapourlites’ products.


  • They are made from high quality components
  • They are free from tar, tobacco, ash, and carbon monoxide
  • They boast great battery life
  • Users and reviewers seem to agree that the flavours taste very, very good


  • Packaging could be considered a bit dull


What products/accessories can be purchased?

Vapourlites carries four different categories of starter kits; the VL1 Tobacco Starter Kit, the VL1 Menthol Starter Kit, the VL4 Tobacco Starter Kits, and the VL4 Menthol Starter Kits. These kits range in price from inexpensive to relatively high in price. One of the least-expensive starter kits offered on the Vapourlites website is the VL4T Tobacco Starter Kit, which sells for $8.36. This ranges all the way up to the VL4T Tobacco Mega Kit, which sells for $115.54.

Vapourlites also carries two different eGo-style kits, one for $26.78 and one for $31.80. The VL-650 model, which is the one that sells for $26.78, comes with 1 650mAH Lithium Battery, 1 clearomizer with ten wicks, and 1 USB adapter. This kit seems to be an especially good deal.

Of course, they also carry a range of disposable E-cigs and accessories. You can buy the micro disposables for only $6.68 each. Extra e-liquid and refill cartomizers are also available. A pack of 5 cartomizer refills costs $15.06, while a 10ml bottle of e-liquid costs $6.68.

Package and design

The packaging that Vapourlites uses to package their products is not low in quality or unattractive, but it isn’t especially phenomenal either. It gets the job done and serves its purpose well.

vapourlites packaging

As far as design goes, the products seem to be engineered to be as realistic as possible. In this respect, they did a good job. If you are used to analog cigarettes and miss the look and feel of an actual cigarette, then odds are good that you are going to like Vapourlites a lot.

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Battery performance

Battery performance is pretty good on these products, though nothing especially incredible. Unless you only vape for thirty minutes to an hour per day, you are probably going to need more than one battery… just so that you don’t run the risk of running out of power and being forced to wait for the battery to charge.

Vapour production

According to user reviews, most people seem to agree that Vapourlites’ E-cigs do indeed produce a quality amount of vapour when activated. Users and reviewers also seem to agree that the throat hit offered by these E-cigs is satisfying as well. Of course, you may be able to expect better quality vapour with the eGo style E-cigs than with the minis, but that is not unexpected.


Vapourlites carries quite a few different types of E-liquid. In addition to the different tobacco flavours that they carry, they also have options like Menthol, Vanilla, Very Cherry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Apple, Grape, and more. It is always good to see a company like Vapourlites carry a variety of specialty flavours, and we were definitely not disappointed by this company’s selection. There are some who carry a larger variety, but for all intents and purposes, this was a pretty good selection.

vapourlites flavours

It is also worth mentioning that we have heard some very good things about how Vapourlites flavours tasted. The tobacco flavours were said to be especially good. Some people claim that there are a few e-liquid brands out there that have a sort of chemical-like aftertaste, though Vapourlites do not have this problem.

Nicotine levels

Most of the flavours  offered by Vapourlites come in three different nicotine strengths. There is the 0% nicotine free for those who don’t want the chemical in their e-liquid, along with the fairly typical 10mg and 18mg options.

About the company

Vapourlites produces E-cigs and related accessories to give users a more ‘realistic’ smoking sensation without exposing them to tar, ash, tobacco, smoke, or carbon monoxide. In fact, the catch phrase on their website is ‘Don’t smoke, just vape.’

Unfortunately, we were not able to learn very much at all about this company’s history from their official website. We did, however, learn that the physical address of the business is as follows…


Novus Seaham

Spectrum 7

Spectrum Business Park


Co. Durham


Customer support actually seems to be very good on this company’s website. As far as contact information is concerned, they offer a phone number, a physical business location address, a FAQ section on the website that may answer simple/initial questions about their products, and an email form that you can use to contact them if you would rather email than use the phone. They also have a live chat option that displays whether or not a representative is ‘online’ to help. At the time that this was written, there actually was a representative online. We were fairly impressed with this feature.
According to the official website, shipping is free on all UK deliveries, regardless of how little you may have spent. Of course, you may also choose faster shipping options if you are willing to pay for them. 1 to 2 day shipping, for example, costs £2.95 extra. Next day costs £6.95 extra. The free option is typical 2 to 5 day shipping.

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They also offer worldwide shipping, as well as delivery to the rest of Europe. 3-5 day shipping anywhere in Europe, for example, costs £6.50. Worldwide delivery, on the other hand, is £9.95.

We must also say that we were very impressed with the shipping page on the website in general. It was very informative, user friendly, and easy to understand. Kudos to Vapourlites for doing such a great job on it!

According to the Vapourlites website, they offer a ’60 day no quibble return policy’. This basically means that if you receive a damaged, defective product (or the wrong product) when you order, you can simply send it back for an exchange or a refund within 60 days.

Again, kudos to Vapourlites for making the return policy so user friendly and simple to understand! Finding this information was incredibly easy thanks to Vapourlites website and how easy they made it to view the return information.


Value for the money

Our official opinion is that Vapourlites definitely offers value for the money. On one hand, they cost about 80% less than typical analog cigarettes cost, so that in itself says a lot about what they can do for your savings account.

But even on the other hand, there is no denying that they are also a very affordable option among other E-cig companies as well. Combine this with the inexpensive price of their e-liquid, and you have a fantastic, high quality option that offers a lot of bang for your money!

Running costs

One five pack of refill cartomizers from Vapourlites is equal to about 200 analog cigarettes, yet only costs $15.06. That is basically like getting the equivalent of a pack of 20 analog cigarettes for around $1.51… which is a fantastic price!


In the end, Vapourlites is a high-quality E-cig option that both experienced and beginner vapers should check out. Their website is user-friendly, their products are priced very reasonably, they offer a decent variety of flavours, and their products seem to be built from very high quality components.

If you are looking for something a little bit different and/or are just a little bit tired of what the other companies are offering, then Vapourlites is definitely worth a look.

4.25/5 (4)

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  1. GrameM says:

    I tired their VL eGo 650 for the first time last weekend and for the money I paid at a time (£15.99) it was worth it. I am one of them fellas who likes experimenting and trying new things but I am pretty sure that any real e-cig user would pay £15.99 to get a eGo 650 as that. Other than that, not much to add as there are many similar eGo kits out there already.

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