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Vapoursson E-liquid Review

Published On January 25, 2017 | By Nicole | E-liquids


For this review, we decided to take a look at a Vapoursson Premium E-liquid 5-pack that you can get on It basically comes with 5 10ml bottles… all of which (in our case anyway, because we ordered the Fruit Mix pack) were fruity!

So without further delay, let’s get to the good stuff. What did we think of these liquids? Are they worth the price?

Here’s what we found out.

About The E-Liquid

The E-liquids that we got in this pack came in the following flavours… Blueberry, Cherry, Strawberry, Sweet Red Apple, and Watermelon. We felt that the selection was pretty good for a 5 pack. It certainly stuck to a fruit-mix kind of feel, and we were pretty excited to give them all a try.

Packaging wise, we liked what the E-liquids were shipped in.

The box was simple and straightforward, and the 5 bottles fit inside of it quite nicely. The first thing that we noticed about the E-liquids was that they were all clear-colored – which we thought was kind of cool. The labeling was also all the same. In fact, the only way you can tell one flavour apart from another is by looking at the edge of the label – which has the flavour name printed across it in small, black letters.

There is also other information located here – such as the expiration date, the batch number, and the manufacturing date. The bottles come shrink-wrapped individually, which is nice.

The pack that we ordered was a zero-nicotine pack – but you can get 5-packs that come with different nicotine strengths, up to 18mg.

  • The Base/Mix

They didn’t say on the packaging exactly what the base/mix ratio was – but we do know that it’s a blend of some kind. Probably a 50/50 blend.

  •  Ingredients

They didn’t give us much of a rundown of the ingredients on the label. They say that they contain PG, VG, and flavourings… but beyond that, we didn’t get much in the way of specifics.

  • Retail Price

This entire pack cost us £9.99 as of the time that this review was written, which is a heck of a deal as far as we were concerned!  They’re also UK made – which is pretty awesome. Normally, if we’re not mistaken, these 5 packs are £12.99… but that’s still a good deal.

  • Flavour Description
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The flavours were pretty self-explanatory. They were fruity-type flavours, named for pretty well-known fruits – so nothing too complicated or difficult to understand.

Our Thoughts

For our vape test, we used the Arymi Gille Tank on the Apollo Nano Micro 50W mod. We loved the Arymi Gille for this test, by the way, because it made trying out all of the different e-liquids in one sitting extremely simple, and saved us a lot of time… so if you haven’t yet picked one of those up, we would recommend that you think about doing so!

Here’s what we thought about each of the flavours…

Strawberry: The smell was really nice. It smelled like pure fruit. No tobacco smell of any kind. We got some really good vapour out of this one – more than expected. The taste was very smooth. There really wasn’t a throat hit, and it provided a very pungent, sweet strawberry flavour. We really liked it!

We gave this one 4 out of 5!

Blueberry: Once again, we got plenty of vapour. The flavour wasn’t quite as fruity as the Strawberry was – but it was still nice. We almost tasted a hint of grape in this one – which was pleasant. It almost had a bit of a perfumy-taste to it – which we didn’t like quite as much. But it will still very good, and very smooth.

We gave this one a 3.5 out of 5.

Sweet Red Apple: Same big clouds. It tasted a lot like apple – and we found it quite lovely. It almost tasted like a sweet apple cider. This one had a bit more of a throat hit to it, but the flavour was also a bit more pungent – which is probably why.

We gave this one a 4 out of 5.

Cherry: Good clouds. We were a bit disappointed in the taste of this one, though. Usually we love cherry flavours – but this one was a little bit different. It tasted a bit like dark cherry or black cherry. It wasn’t really a sweet flavour – and it wasn’t very pungent or fruity. It was ok – but not our favourite.

We gave it 3 out of 5.

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Watermelon: Good clouds. This was an excellent flavour! We aren’t usually too keen on watermelon liquids – but this one was surprisingly nice. It was refreshing, but not too subtle. Really, all of these liquids get top marks for quality and consistency. The clouds were really, really nice. These are all definitely premium E-liquids, without a doubt.

We gave this one a 3.5 out of 5.

Overall, we were very impressed. Our favourite, by far, was the Strawberry – but really, this pack offered a ton of quality for the price. You should certainly think about heading over to Vapoursson’s store and picking up a box if you’re interested in some quality, UK-made liquids at an affordable price!

Other E-liquids we recommend from this brand

You can buy quite a few other different types of E-liquids from this company – including a 5-pack that contains Peach Mango, Bubble Gum, Cola, Berry Mix, and Watermelon – which we thought sounded like pretty tasty selection!

3.2/5 (5)

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