Vype e cigarette review

Vype E Cigarette Review

Published On June 9, 2014 | By Nicole | Brands

Introduction – Vype E Cigarette Review

Vype, which is owned by British American Tobacco, is an E-cig brand that has recently been making some pretty big waves in electronic cigarette circles. Of course, many people have mixed feelings over a large tobacco company gaining a foothold in the E-cig industry, though they are likely much less concerned about the fact that Vype is produced by a tobacco giant than they are with how well it performs as an E-cig.

Our initial first-glance at the Vype website left us very impressed. It is a modern and stylish website with a lot of information about the products, despite the fact that there are actually not that many product options to choose from. There is even a graphic that lets you virtually ‘open’ a pack of Vype E-cigs and look at them.

But is this E-cig a high quality option? Here is what we found when writing Vype E cigarette review.


Positives and Negatives

Here are (in our opinion) the basic pros and cons of Vype.


  • It’s a low cost option
  • High quality packagin
  • Fantastic design
  • Made from high quality components
  • Super-realistic


  • Battery life leaves a bit to be desired
  • Refill cartridge life is shorter than it probably should be
  • Surprisingly, you cannot really buy Vype accessories… only starter kits


What products/accessories can be purchased?

One of the first downsides that we encountered while researching and reviewing this product is the fact that you can really only buy starter kits. You can buy the Vype Reload, which is basically their rechargeable starter kit, as well as some disposables and refill cartridges… and that is it. No extra batteries, no extra chargers, no personal charging cases… nothing. If you want extra batteries or an extra charger, then you are going to need to fork out £9.99 for a new starter kit.

Now, while we are talking about the starter kit, it is also only fair to acknowledge that the price on it is very good. In the Vype Reload kit, you get one battery, one USB charger, and two cartomizers… which is a pretty good deal for £9.99. The problem we had here was in the long-term feasibility of the product. Is this all that there is? No eGo style E-cigs or great deals on packs of batteries?

After seeing such a stylish site, we were perhaps expecting just a little bit more.

Package and design

The packaging and design is one area where this product excels. The package that the Vype Reload (and even that the disposables) come in is a fantastic plastic case with a high-quality lid that ‘clicks’ open. This thing is sturdy and strong. In fact, we almost found it a shame that such a high quality case was being shipped with disposables (it almost seemed like a waste of a perfectly good case!).

vype e cig packaging

As far as design goes, these products are super-realistic… right down to the paper-like feel of the cartridges and batteries. If you are looking for an E-cig that will remind you of an analog cigarette, then you will not be disappointed with the Vype. They weigh the same as analog cigarettes, look the same, taste the same, and feel the same.

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Battery performance

Battery performance was, unfortunately, not quite where we thought it should have been. Users and reviewers alike seem to agree that they lose charge far too quickly. In most cases, it seems that users were lucky to get an hour’s worth of juice from them… though this of course also depends upon your personal vaping habits. Some would even go as far as to say that heavy vapers should just avoid the Vype altogether.

Vype amateur photos

On the other hand, the batteries are very small… which adds to their light weight and realism. It is not surprising that they don’t last a long time. Carrying more batteries may be an option, though you would need to carry at least two, if not more, just to get through the day away from your charger. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if you could buy spare batteries. As it sits now, however, you need to buy a whole new starter kit to get them. The starter kit is pretty cheap at £9.99… but you get where this is going. It is just strange that they do not offer batteries as a standalone purchase.

Vapour production

Vapour production is said to be very good with these products. The vapour plume is not necessarily incredible, but it is good enough to be satisfying… as is the throat hit.


This is another area where we were left disappointed. As you probably know, we really like to see some specialty flavours offered by E-cig companies, but we saw nothing of this sort offered on Vype’s website. They only carry three flavours… Classic Bold, Classic Regular, and Menthol Regular. No specialty flavours of any kind. Of course, this could go along with their realistic theme, and in fairness it must be said that these flavours are indeed good-tasting flavours. We were just disappointed that there were not more options to choose from.

Nicotine levels

The Classic Bold flavour contains 16.8mg of nicotine. The Classic Regular contains 11.3mg, and the Menthol Regular contains 11.4mg.

About the company

Vype is technically produced by a company called CN Creative Ltd. They are a Manchester-based bioscience company, and sit within the ‘Nicoventures’ division of British American Tobacco.

The company’s customer service address is as follows… Customer Services, CN Creative Ltd. Phoenix Park Unit 1, Blakewater Rd, Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1 5SJ.

As far as a history goes, they are basically British American Tobacco’s attempt to get started in the E-cig industry. We are actually always glad to see new vaping companies start up, and the fact that BAT, as a major tobacco company, has more funding than most of the small startups is not necessarily an unwelcomed thing. As far as we are concerned, more energy and money being put into vaping will equal better E-cig products and prices for everyone.

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As far as contact information goes, Vype offers a telephone number, and email address, and a contact form on their website that users can utilize to get in touch with the company. From what we can tell, they are pretty good at helping customers with questions or problems.
As of right now, Vype only ships within the United Kingdom. Also, as far as we could tell, they don’t really offer any free shipping options at the moment.
You have 14 working days from the day you place your order to return your items free of charge.


Value for the money

We have mixed feelings about Vype and whether or not they offer real value for the money. On one hand, they do indeed offer a fairly low-cost product that is very high in quality. On the other, however, there is also the inability on the part of the user to buy extra batteries and chargers to consider. Buying new starter kits just to get more batteries could add up very quickly. But then again, starter kits are pretty cheap with Vype… so it is a tough decision to make.

In the end, we do believe that Vype provides value for the money. Their incredibly limited flavour options are definitely a downside, and it would be nice if they offered more than just their basic starter kit, but their products are very good, and new vapers would probably find them incredibly easy to get started with.

Running costs

A pack of two reload cartridges for Vype Reload costs £3.99. These are supposed to be good for over 250 puffs, though many reviewers and users seem to agree that once you get over 100 puffs you will start to notice a change in the flavour.


In the end, our opinion of Vype is a positive one. These are high quality products that will offer a realistic vaping experience for a low cost. There are some downsides, of course… but in the end, when you get right down to it, we were impressed with BAT’s attempt to get into the E-cig industry. We also applaud their movement toward a better future away from analog cigarettes.

If you are new to E-cigs and are looking for something that can truly take the place of your analog cigarette habit, then Vype might definitely be the E-cig for you. You could also appreciate Vype as an experienced vaper, especially if you love tobacco flavours and want to try an E-cig that is super-realistic.

3/5 (2)

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4 Responses to Vype E Cigarette Review

  1. Shen says:

    Very cool design but too primitive for myself. Worth a try but if you’re a real e-cig smoker you want to go for something a bit more advanced.

  2. phil says:

    This is for me a high quality e-cig, although I have bought numerous refills to find they are empty which was rather disappointing to say the least.

  3. John Trott says:

    I’ve been using Njoy rechargeables for a year or so and been reasonably satisfied. But recent flavour chamber replacements have been only achieving about 50% duration, making for very poor value and impelling me to find something better, or at least more economical.
    So I have just tried my first Vype Reload Starter Kit, on special offer at £4.99.
    Sadly, the vapour production is really poor, the taste is almost non-existent and the throat hit IS non-existent. Given those three absolutely fundamental failures, NOTHING else about it could possibly make up for the dreadful disappointment. Am I glad I got this pretty kit at half price because I wouldn’t have another, not even if it were given to me FOC. It is truly worthless in my opinion.

  4. Nicole says:

    Hi John, your comment landed in our spam folder therefor only just now I noticed it, so my apologies for not acknowledging this sooner! There’s not much I can add this time as we are yet to test those type of products, which now I doubt that we will, so thank you so much for sharing your feedback with others. Have a wonderful week!

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