What Is E-Liquid

Published On April 25, 2014 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

What Is E-Liquid?

Anyone who has ever used an E-cig before is likely familiar with e-liquid. This is basically the substance used to produce the ‘vapour’ that E-cigs emit. This is accomplished via the use of a small element within the electronic cigarette. When the battery gets activated, this small element heats up. This, in turn, causes a small amount of the e-liquid inside of the electronic cigarette to vaporize.

E-liquid is responsible for delivering both the flavour and the nicotine that electronic cigarettes produce. Without e-liquid, electronic cigarettes could not function. The nicotine levels and the flavour of the vapour are both dictated by what e-liquid you buy… so choosing the right flavour and strength for your personal tastes is extremely important.

There are many different ways to buy this product. A lot of people buy it in pre-filled, disposable cartomizers or cartridges for their E-cigs… though it can also be obtained in bottles. These can be used to refill cartomizers, clearomizers, cartridges, etc. Buying e-liquid by the bottle is usually the less expensive option if the brand of E-cig that you use supports cartridge re-filling (some brands do not, however… making it very difficult to re-use cartridges or cartomizers).

It is always a good idea to make sure that your cartridges are re-fillable before buying an entire bottle of e-liquid. Of course, if your current brand does not support cartridge refilling, you could always switch brands or buy different cartridges.

Thankfully, a lot of E-cig parts interchange between brands, making it fairly easy to customize your vaping device.


What is E-Liquid Made Out Of?

E-liquid is usually made up of a solution of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and/or polyethylene glycol 400. These are, of course, mixed with concentrated flavours and sometimes varying amounts of nicotine (depending upon what strength the E-liquid is).

It is important, however, to remember that not all e-liquids are the same… and that it is always a good idea to check the ingredient list on the container before using it. Different brands sometimes use different ingredients in their blends, so being responsible and checking labels is always recommended.

As a general rule, E-cigs have not been found to contain harmful levels of any dangerous toxins or chemicals… though there has also not been a tremendous amount of research done on the subject. Electronic cigarettes are still a relative newcomer to the playing field, and some medical professionals are ‘cautious’ about endorsing such a product.

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On the other side of this, however, is the fact that more and more people are taking up vaping to replace their traditional tobacco cigarette habit. Plus, there is really no doubt in anyone’s mind about the fact that E-cigs (and e-liquid) are safer, cleaner, and much less dangerous (if they even pose any danger whatsoever) than tobacco-filled cigarettes.


Choosing The Right E-Liquid For You

Choosing the right e-liquid for your personal tastes is usually a combination of flavour-browsing and trial and error. Many brands offer dozens of different flavours… so you will probably not have trouble finding just about anything that you could possibly want. Remember that different brands sometimes taste differently though… even within the same flavour. An American Tobacco flavour from one brand, for example, might taste completely different from an American Tobacco flavour offered by a different brand, etc.

This is really where the trial and error comes in regarding e-liquid. Sometimes, there is no substitute for just giving it a try.

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