What is ECITA and what do they do?

Published On November 5, 2015 | By Nicole | Ecita

What is ECITA and what do they do?

ECITA stands for ‘Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association’. Founded in 2010, this organization is, as of today, the longest-running trade association for the E-cig industry. They are the ones responsible for developing ‘the Industry Standard of Excellence’ for electronic cigarettes, and are one of only two E-cig trade associations in the entire world that aren’t owned by someone who engages, directly or indirectly, in the sale of vaping products.

They are, therefore, an association that has put themselves into the best position to develop standards for quality and conduct within the vaping community, and conduct audits on their member companies twice per year to ensure that they’re following and complying with all of the applicable legal requirements.

What exactly does ECITA do to help the vaping industry?

ECITA performs a set of very specific functions for the vaping industry and community as a whole – and have been responsible for many of the ethical standards that are currently observed by E-cig manufacturers all around the world.

According to their official website, their primary goal is to “continue to raise the already very high standards of compliance within the Electronic Cigarette Industry, with our members very much at the vanguard, leading the way by example.”

Here is a more focused list of functions that ECITA performs. They…

  • Offer help and advice to both member and non-member companies
  • Offer assistance to consumers who are looking for quality products and manufacturers within the vaping industry
  • Conduct routine audits on member companies to ensure compliance, for the good of the community and the consumer
  • Work closely with researchers and experts in Tobacco Control to support the efforts of several other associations and offices, including (but not limited to) the Dept. of Health, the Trading Standards Institute, the National Measurements Office, etc.
  • Maintain positive working relationships with other trade associations across Europe and in the US.

Why does ECITA exist?

Electronic cigarettes and the industry that has popped up around them need a stringent, robust, and well-researched set of standards. This helps to achieve a standard of quality and excellence that was, beforehand, largely unaccounted for. Many other organizations have helped ECITA along the way, including the British Standards Institute – to ensure that their standards were academically and scientifically sound and well-instituted among businesses in the vaping industry.

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