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What smoking hookah taught me about electronic cigarettes

Published On September 9, 2015 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

What smoking hookah taught me about electronic cigarettes

I recently went to a hookah bar for the very first time. A few of my friends were going, and I decided to tag along. I had never smoked hookah before, so I was pretty excited to experience it.

When we got there, my attention was quickly drawn to the smell. It smelled good. It was like a specialty tobacco bar, and I immediately detected the odors of several different types of tobacco. Some were a little bit fruity, while others were more ‘standard’ – but when put together, they created this atmosphere that felt truly exotic. It was like I had walked through a magical doorway into a completely different world.

Once inside, I was asked for my ID. I showed it, and was then led to the back and seated at a small table. Some re-purposed church pews with cushions were arranged around a coffee table with dings, holes, and burn marks marring the surface. Around us were walls covered mostly in these old-fashioned velvet red drapes and rock-and-roll posters. The room was dark – lit only with a few lamps sitting here and there.

It was actually pretty laid back and cool. A young girl with a pierced septum and a plethora of tattoos took our order. We ordered ‘peaches and cream’, and chit-chatted for a few moments while they prepared the hookah and brought it to us.

For the next hour or so, we talked, laughed, relaxed, and smoked. It was chill, and very enjoyable – but it really got me thinking about the social context of smoking.

I don’t usually smoke. I don’t smoke cigarettes. I vape, but I don’t do it incredibly regularly. It’s more of a hobby and a way to ‘break up’ my normal routine. I enjoy different flavors and sometimes feel like doing it – so I do.

I don’t, as a general rule, enjoy smoking cigarettes – especially now that I know how bad they are for you. And I probably wouldn’t be too keen on smoking hookah on a regular basis either, just because I know that tobacco isn’t good for you.

But this experience did serve to make me think about smoking a little bit differently. Many people outside of this type of activity don’t realize the social value that it provides. It gives friends something to do as they sit around a table and engage in conversation with one-another. It’s fun, it’s cool, it’s chill, and it doesn’t cost that much money. It’s really ideal in almost every sense – except that it’s not a very healthy habit to engage in. Like cigarette smoking, hookah use brings with it some risks that just might not be worth it in the long run.

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But do these risks have to negate the social value of the activity?

Definitely not. You could achieve a very similar effect through the use of an e-hookah. Friends could just as easily gather around a table to vape as to smoke hookah. Yes, the hard-core hookah enthusiasts might complain that it’s not quite the same, and it might not be – but it’s about as close as you can get without losing the social value that the activity provides. Plus, it’s healthier and much less dangerous. Tobacco definitely isn’t ‘safe’ to use, so using an e-hookah or an e-cig instead could be a positive, viable alternative.

In the end, I had a great time smoking hookah with my friends – but I would still rather see my friends vaping. We could still get together if this were the case. We could still sit around a table, we could still talk, and we could still have fun.

But we could also be healthier and safer at the same time – and that means a lot.  🙂

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