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What to Say to Loved Ones Who Disapprove Vaping

Published On October 17, 2014 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

5 Things To Say To Loved Ones Who Disapprove Of Your Vaping Habit

Vaping isn’t necessarily a ‘new’ thing—but it’s new enough that some people still don’t understand it. If you’ve recently quit cigarettes to switch to E-cigs, then congratulations! You have replaced a very dangerous habit with one that is much safer, cleaner, and more cost-effective.

But unfortunately for you, your family and loved ones might not see it the same way—especially if they tend to be a bit old-fashioned. Maybe they don’t like the fact that it is technologically advanced, or maybe they feel that vaping is, for one reason or another, worse than smoking.

This is, of course, a misconception—but some people are afraid of things that they don’t understand, and this could very well lead to people in your life being ‘weirded-out’ by your E-cig habit if they have never been exposed to electronic cigarettes before.

If you are currently experiencing disapproval or negativity from loved ones in regard to your E-cig habit, then the healthiest thing to do may be to engage in an informative and positive discussion about it. This can help them to better understand your position on the subject and can also serve as a valuable educational opportunity. Maybe through clear and honest communication they will learn enough about E-cigs to know that you actually deserve to be commended for making a switch from real cigarettes!

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If you decide to have such a conversation, here are five points that you should definitely remember to bring up.


1.) Vaping is better for me than smoking

One of the main reasons for your family’s disapproval of your vaping habit is likely in regards to their concern for your health and well-being. If, however, you can somehow communicate to them that E-cigs are much safer than cigarettes, then you might be able to help ease some of this pressure. Perhaps showing them an ingredient list or some published information on the subject might help.


2.) Vaping is cheaper than smoking

For parents and/or loved ones who see vaping as financially irresponsible, try to communicate the fact that it is actually much less expensive than smoking. Those who vape tend to spend 70-80% less on their habit than smokers do.

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3.) Vaping is healthier for those around me

While you do give off a bit of secondhand vapour with E-cigs, this vapour is much safer, cleaner, and less harmful than cigarette smoke. E-cigs contain no tar, give off no smoke, and contain only a handful of ingredients—all of which are considered ‘safe’. Vaping is much more responsible than smoking when it comes to the safety of other people around you.


4.) With E-cigs, I can scale-down my nicotine usage with pinpoint accuracy

Many people don’t realize that E-cigs allow you to scale your nicotine usage as you see fit. Using E-cigs, you can slowly work your way down to 0mg of nicotine over time—which may, in theory, allow you to quit your habit altogether with relative ease. Scaling down in this manner with electronic cigarettes is pretty easy—though doing such a thing is impossible if you are still smoking tobacco analogs.


5.) I know that smoking was a bad habit to start—but this might help me to put all of that behind me

Many loved ones only discourage your E-cig habit because they legitimately care about you—so being honest with them about mistakes that you have made in the past might help them to realize that you are doing your best to take care of yourself now.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt to remind them that the whole reason for switching to E-cigs is so that you can put cigarette use behind you! No more tar, smoke, open flame, carbon monoxide, or one of the dozens of other toxic chemicals caused by traditional tobacco cigarette use. E-cigs are safer, cheaper, and cleaner. They will give your lungs and body time to heal from the tobacco use, but will also help to satisfy your nicotine cravings at the same time.



Quitting cigarettes isn’t easy—so don’t be discouraged with yourself just because you were not able to kick the habit entirely. Switching to E-cigs might not be the perfect solution in the eyes of some of your family members, but never forget that it was definitely a step in the right direction. You deserve to be proud of yourself for leaving analog cigarettes behind.

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In the future, you might even be able to get rid of nicotine altogether! But at least for now, until that day comes, you are vaping instead of smoking. This means better health for you, less second-hand pollution for others, and a fantastic reason to feel good about yourself!

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