juuling vs vaping

What’s the Difference Between Juuling and Vaping?

Published On October 8, 2018 | By Will Wood | About E-Cigarettes Articles

At first glance it’s easy to think that Juuling and vaping are the same thing. In essence they are, but there are a number of differences between classic vaping and Juuling. Different doesn’t always mean bad so it’s important not to approach either one with a negative bias. Both vaping and Juuling have their own positives and negatives in relation to each other that doesn’t make one better necessarily, it just makes them different which obviously means each method will appeal to different people.

juuling vs vaping

What is Juuling?

The answer is quite a simple one. Juuling is using a Juul branded e-cigarette. The devices themselves are generally quite small and look very similar to a USB flash drive. They carry a prefilled cartridge that isn’t unlike a pod. The main difference between the cartridges for Juul devices and pods is that the Juul cartridges cannot be refilled. This means that you are at the mercy of the e-liquid that Juul offer.

Juul cartridges come in 5 different flavours. This is a significant drop on the wide range of flavours that are available to vapers who use other devices. Juul cartridges also don’t come with a nicotine free version, nor do they have varying degrees of nicotine strength.

Juul devices are much simpler to use than other vape devices. There are no customisable features but it is simply a case of just picking it up and using it. Each Juul cartridge contains enough e-liquid for around 200 puffs. It also contains the same amount of nicotine as a packet of cigarettes.

Juul devices are by far the most widespread on the market. Taking up almost a third of the market. This is due to a number of reasons. Firstly, they are simple to use. This appeals to first time vapers and ensures that they are more likely to make the choice to use a Juul device. Secondly, they are for sale in a much wider variety of shops. From petrol stations to newsagents you can find Juul devices. This is not the case for a lot of other vape devices and this does limit the market share of Juul’s competitors somewhat.

So What are the Differences?

The first main difference is that vaping tends to allow for a much wider range of e-liquids. In terms of flavours and nicotine strength vaping does have the upper hand in this respect. However, Juul cartridges use nicotine salts rather than free-base nicotine. This means that Juul has a much less harsh hit than most other e-liquids. Juul cartridges are also much easier to use than some vapes, which can be a pain to refill, as well as being less prone to leakage. This gives both choices elements that will attract different vapers. Some people prefer the wider range of choice and a harsher throat hit whereas some people will prefer the easy to use cartridges with a less harsh throat hit.

The next difference between the two forms of vaping is that Juuling is a much simpler activity. It’s a case of charging the device, popping in a cartridge and away you go. Vaping can take much more intricate activities, especially if it is a box mod with a variety of settings. Of course, both methods will have their own fans. Some people prefer the simplicity of a Juul device and some people prefer the ability to customise their vape and cater their vaping experience to exactly how they want it.

Vaping devices also tend to be a lot more powerful than a Juul device. This means that large clouds aren’t really a possibility with a Juul. On the flip side it also means that a Juul is a lot smaller than the majority of vapes and with the lower power output it means the battery life tends to be more economical. Cloud chasers don’t tend to be interested in a Juul, but people who just want to vape to get their nicotine fix will find a Juul caters to their needs perfectly. The size difference between the two types of devices can also be an issue for some people. Not everyone has big hands and people with smaller hands may find that a Juul fits into their hands much more comfortably than a box mod.

The ease of use of the Juul also tends to attract younger people more than vaping with a box mod, other vapes or other e-cigarette does. This means that depending on your age you might be more inclined to use a Juul than a regular vape. The price is also a factor as a Juul device is relatively cheap which means that younger people who have less disposable income than older people will naturally gravitate towards the cheaper device.


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Well the obvious similarities between the two is that they are both excellent choices to help with quitting smoking. Each type device offers a safer alternative to smoking that as more research is carried out is only likely to get safer. They also both use e-liquid, both have a heating element and both produce vapour.


Juuling does have a few significant differences to vaping, but it also shares quite a bit in common with it too. It’s important to not form into Juuling against Vaping factions as this doesn’t really achieve much. Juuling is essentially the same as vaping, which means that it has a significant number of positives over smoking. The only real area that the Juul falls down in is that it doesn’t offer the opportunity to move to a lower nicotine concentration over time.

Every person is different and this is why the differences between Juuling and Vaping don’t necessarily mean either one is a positive or negative. Depending on what you want in your vape device depends on if you will prefer a classic vape or to use a Juul device. As mentioned earlier the only true negative to the Juul is the lack of choice in terms of e-liquid, but this is something that Juul are endeavouring to change and over time there will be more choices available.

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