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Why do temperature control mods exist?

Published On November 12, 2016 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

Why do temperature control mods exist… and should you buy one?

If you’ve done much reading about new vaping mods lately, then you’ve likely noticed that temperature control modes are becoming increasingly common. A lot of mods these days are equipped to handle both standard and temperature control vaping, and some starter kits even come with the special coils you need for TC vaping already included.

But why is TC vaping a thing? Why would you need it, and why would it be handy?

Temperature Control Vaping: the basics

Temperature control is basically a type of variable-power controller for vaping, much like variable wattage or variable voltage.

But that is where the similarities begin to end.

You see, the entire point of vaping is to heat up the E-liquid to a decent enough point to allow it to vapourize. Once it does this, you can inhale the vapour – and that’s pretty much what vaping is.

In other words, you need a certain temperature to vapourize the E-liquid and to make sure that things work as they are supposed to.

In standard type devices, however, this needed to be accomplished in a more indirect fashion. Mechanical mods rely on different atomizers to supply different wattages/voltages to the coil, which would then heat up to a certain point and vapourie the E-liquid.

Regulated box mods and vape pens take this a step further, and give you the option of choosing a setting like variable voltage or variable wattage. By adjusting the strength of the current in such devices, you can, inadvertently, also adjust the temperature of the coil when you activate the battery – thus giving you more control over your vape.

But these are all still a bit indirect. They work, and as vapers, we have grown used to them – but temperature control really makes the process more simple, by allowing you to set the literal temperature that you would like to vape at. The other settings will be adjusted automatically with such a device, and the coil will heat up to the temperature specified – making the vaping experience as efficient and precise as possible.

So, that’s what temperature control mods do… but should you buy one?

Here’s what you should know.

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Should you buy a TC mod?

TC mods offer a few different advantages over regular mods. They do require a special coil, but they make up for this special need by giving you a very precise method for choosing your vape settings.

In a way, if E-liquid was like a turkey, a temperature control mod would be like a world-class oven that you can just adjust to whatever temperature setting you wanted – while a variable wattage/variable voltage mod would be a lot like hooking up some car batteries to elements and trying to figure out how to achieve the right temperature by using resistance and increasing or decreasing the battery power.

Increasing the temperature on a TC mod is really just increasing the wattage. So in a way, it’s not really any different from a variable wattage device, except you are measuring your power by degrees, not by watts.

This obviously gives you more precise control – which is awesome.

As for buying one, it should be known that temperature control mods are not required for a successful vaping habit. Many people still use mechanical mods and rebuildable coils to achieve the right temperature – and though it is more of a hassle, they succeed without much of a problem.

Variable voltage and wattage mods also do the job nicely.

But with that being said, there are still a few things that you might be missing out on if you choose never to try a TC mod.

For one, temperature control devices do give you the ability to deliver a consistent temperature over the course of the vape, regardless of any coil resistance changes. Temperature control, in other words, keeps the temperature of the coil consistent – while variable wattage just keeps the incoming power levels consistent.

Another great thing about temperature control devices is that they eliminate the problem of dry hits. This is partly because they don’t get ‘hotter’ as you hold the firing button down, but also because they tend to be low-heat devices in-general… so you won’t necessarily burn the wicking material if there isn’t enough E-liquid soaked up into it.

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