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So Why Even Vape?

Published On December 6, 2017 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

It’s a simple question. Why vape? I mean really, the moment you vape you’re bombarded with the usual jokes from your friends. “How do you know someone vapes? They tell you.” Ironically they don’t realise that it’s almost as tiresome as the people who do constantly bang on about their day to day activities. There are an absolute load of awesome reasons to vape though, different ones to the obvious health benefits, because let’s be honest if you’re vaping you’re already well aware of this.  Don’t believe me? Well for starters there’s this one…

It Is Fun And You Look Cool

Put simply, it’s a lot of fun. How often when you smoked did you delight in blowing smoke rings, and making huge billows of smoke into the air? Even pretended to be a steam train when you’d had a few more than five to drink. Vaping means you can recreate all of that, and more.

All you need to make those big clouds is a sub ohm clearomiser, high airflow and high wattage. Put those three together and you will be creating the biggest clouds possible. You have to remember that the reason you started smoking in the first place was to look cool, what looks cooler than a giant cloud floating above your head? Nothing is the answer. Nothing at all.

If you’re going to try to quit smoking then the alternative has got to be able to offer you everything that a cigarette did. That doesn’t just include the nicotine hit. It’s got to be enjoyable and it has got to make you look cool. That’s why making a huge cloud, or a vapour ring and having a space age looking rig in your hand is the best way to do it.

It Will Save You Money

You know the old joke don’t you. A man taking a survey is told “If you quit smoking, in 20 years you will have saved up enough for a Porsche.” He replies with “Have you ever smoked?” The questioner says “no.” The man taking the survey hits back with his final retort “Where’s your Porsche then?” It’s a great way to show how smokers haven’t necessarily wasted their money.

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They have just chosen to spend it on different things to non-smokers. That’s the great thing about vaping, you get to enjoy smoking, be healthier and have a lot more walking around money to spend. Need a new fridge freezer? No problem, in a month you will have saved up the money for it. How about a Porsche? No worries, just give it 20 years and it’s all yours.

You Can Choose Your Flavour

Another wonderful reason to get on the vape train is that the flavours are amazing. Whatever your tastes you can get the flavour. Fancy something sweet then there are everything from cookies and cream to ice cream. Savoury flavours are covered too, you can even have fried chick and pizza flavour vape liquids.

Vape flavours

How about if you really want to emulate the smoking experience? You’re covered there too with the tobacco flavour liquids. It doesn’t end with what you can buy in the shops either. You can make your own liquid. So if you really have a craving for spaghetti and meatballs or a bacon double cheeseburger, just find yourself a guide and get creating.

The Smell Doesn’t Linger

Remember when you used to walk into a bar and the curtains were yellow with smoke stains? You probably could have taken them down from the wall, rolled them up and smoked them. You might have overdosed on nicotine though after all the years of smoke ground into them. There isn’t that problem with a vape.

The smell lasts a short while after you exhale. Long enough for everyone to enjoy it, but not so long that is sticks to anyone’s clothes. Vaping doesn’t offer up a stale unpleasant smell either. It can smell of anything you want, as mentioned in the flavours section. So if you’re blowing out the smell of cookies and cream and someone complains, they’re probably the kind of people who would find something to moan about if they found money in their pocket.

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