Negative outlook on vaping

Why some people have a negative outlook on vaping?

Published On January 22, 2016 | By Nicole | About E-Cigarettes Articles

Why do some people have such a negative outlook on vaping?

A recent article, published on, had this to say about the public’s perception of E-cigs and how it’s changed in recent years.

“Whereas 84 percent of smokers believed e-cigs to be safer than ordinary cigarettes in 2010, by 2013 that figure had dropped to 63 percent. A study last year found that a third of people who had abandoned e-cigs and resumed smoking tobacco did so out of concern for the health effects of vaping.” Source:

Why does it seem like E-cigs are falling in popularity? Where are all of these fears coming from? Why does the public seem to have a worsening viewpoint on the devices – despite the fact that they’ve literally been shown to be up to 95 percent safer than smoking?

These are some very good questions – but the answers are more than a bit frustrating. Here are some of the biggest reasons for why E-cigs tend to be perceived so negatively these days.

Because big tobacco companies got involved pretty early on

Cigarettes have a deservedly terrible reputation – and yet, big tobacco companies still seek to sell them to consumers. Many view this as unethical. So when big-tobacco entered the E-cig market, a lot of people took notice. It’s also reasonable to assume that a lot of people began to see E-cigs as ‘just another nicotine product’ offered by the big tobacco-industry players in an attempt to keep smokers hooked and addicted.

Because studies are sometimes miss-quoted, and data miss-represented to make E-cigs look bad

This actually seems to happen quite a bit with electronic cigarettes. Take a look at this article, published on This was written and posted on the American Vaping Association’s website, and demonstrates at least one case of this actually occurring!

When data is miss-represented, or when people misunderstand what it really means in terms of how the devices affect human health, headlines get negative and people get scared – and this hurts the public’s opinion.

Because so many people believe that vaping is a gateway to smoking

This is a big one! And the fact that it’s really been disproven (or that it at least has very little ground to stand on) seems to make no difference to some people. This article, published on, does an outstanding job of describing how statistics are often viewed in this light. People quite literally panicked at the idea that vaping will cause more teens to smoke – despite the fact that statistics simply do not line up with such a fear.

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Because people sometimes categorize vaping and smoking as the same thing

Both of them require you to inhale. Both of them deliver nicotine. Both of them are addictive (only if nicotine is present in the case of E-cigs). Both of them produce billowing clouds when exhaled (although cigarettes produce smoke and E-cigs product vapor – which is very different).

To some people, these similarities are more than enough of a reason to group both habits together – when, in reality, this isn’t really an accurate assessment. E-cigs are very, very different from cigarettes. They contain no tobacco, produce no ash, do not create real smoke, don’t require flame or fire, and don’t contain any tar.

They’ve also been shown to be much safer than cigarettes.

But still, despite these facts, some people still aren’t convinced that they should be treated any differently.

It’s clear that people seem to be very skeptical of E-cigs – and in a grander sense, this might not really change any time soon. But what could happen is some movement in the right direction. With more education and public awareness, maybe people could begin to see that electronic cigarettes aren’t something to be feared – but rather, something to be embraced.

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